A Sad Farewell…

I recieved an email this morning from Borders revealing certain details about their store closings and the sad road to the end. I’m so sorry to see them go, but that’s reality! Stores come and go and we’re becoming more and more of an e-reader society. It’s especially to support a bookstore in a difficult economy!

The silver lining is that they will have some great discounts in the coming weeks, starting today. The email stated that the liquidation process starts today, and they’ll be honoring giftcards throughout, and Borders Rewards points and bucks (if you’re a member of their program) through July 31. If you have any of these, make sure that you go in sooner rather than later so that you can spend it on a wider selection.

Goodbye Borders! Thanks for the good times!

Mini Smores Cones!!!

I’m in love!!!

Chocolate  + Marshmallows + mini cones = perfection!!!

Summer Reading goodies!

We participated in a few of the summer reading programs available in our area and we went on one big trip redeeming our forms today! Here’s what we got for our effort:

We got 9 books and three bundles of goodies including stickers, bookmarks, free pizza, free golf, free tacos, free kids’ meals, and free bowling! It was so much fun and I’m so grateful to all of these places for participating in a summer reading program!

On a sad note, I’m very upset that it’ll be the last year to do one at Borders since all of the stores will be going away shortly! I love Borders, in fact, it was my place to escape to when I needed some ‘me’ time! I will miss it very much!

All in all, our trip today showed my kids that reading is fun and it pays off!!!

Book-themed kid activities

Today, we had a Gingerbread Boy day! I read the Gingerbread Boy book to my kids a few days ago and they loved it! They immediately started asking me when they were going to make gingerbread boys, which got me thinking… how about we have a whole Gingerbread Boy day?!

We invited some friends over to multiply the fun (and the chaos) and started with the story. Most of them hadn’t heard the story before, so it was a lot of fun! I tried to really get into it and make it like a real story time! After the book, we sat down to decorate our own gingerbread boy (girl) (which I made this morning and rolled out before the story) to bake in the oven! I laid out M&Ms, marshmallows, star sprinkles, and raisins to decorate with! Everyone had their own, even the baby, and I cut out a cookie in the shape of their first initial to put next to their gingerbread boy/girl so they wouldn’t get mixed up!

While the gingerbread boys and girls were baking, I sent the human boys and girl outside to run laps back and forth between the big tree and the wooden cross, so that they could be sure that they could out-run their gingerbread boy(girl) if he(she) decided to run away when I opened the oven.

After the exercising, we sat down to play a gingerbread dice game, which is very similar to Cootie! For each number on the die, you could draw a different part of your gingerbread boy/girl, until you had a finished person!

When the timer beeped, the kids all ran into the kitchen to watch me open the oven and be ready to chase their gingerbread people, should they hop out of the oven and run away! It was close there for a while, we almost lost a few little ginger-people, but in then end, each was eaten and thoroughly enjoyed!!

It was a really fun and free (except for the $2 that I spent to buy the molasses for the gingerbread recipe) way to occupy seven kids for a couple of hours! I’m already brainstorming more activities to do with other books and the kids all had a blast!

50% off at Malibu Jack’s

Living Social has a great deal available for today! It’s $20 worth of food and drinks at Malibu Jack’s for only $10! The best part is that it doesn’t expire for an entire year, so you have plenty of time to use it! Think: DATE NIGHT!! Go HERE to get it!

Mastercard Monday at Babies R Us and Toys R Us

I got an email from Babies R Us/Toys R Us saying that today (maybe other Mondays?) is Mastercard Monday! For online orders only, you’ll instantly get $25 off of any $125 or larger purchase when you use your Mastercard at check-out!

If anyone’s needing a bigger item (or several items) for a baby or for a gift anyway, this is a great way to save $25!

Michael’s 25% off entire purchase coupon!

Michael’s has published a 25% off entire purchase (excluding sale items) coupon good through July 23rd! This is a great way to make your own sale!!

Go HERE to print yours!

Publix penny item 07/13

Today’s penny item is Publix bran cereal! Now, normally I wouldn’t be thrilled with bran cereal, especially since I don’t eat it, but I’m going to use it, along with some of that $.74 breakfast sausage I got a couple of weeks ago, to make THESE!

I made these the first time as a kind of a joke. I thought there was no way that they’d be good, but I was WRONG! They’re wonderful and, better still, my kids love them! I use the bran cereal instead of the cornflakes for a little added fiber and they’re still delicious!


Tomorrow is Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-a!!! We are annual attenders and we LOVE it! It’s just so much fun to dress up and, of course, getting free food is pretty awesome as well! Even partial costumes get a free entree, so what can it hurt to be silly?! But, really, it’s so much fun to go all out and score the free meal!!!

Happy 4th of July (or 5th!)

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! Ours was filled with family, friends, fireworks, dancing, waterslides, cotton candy, popcorn, music and lots of fun all around. We also spent time praising God for this wonderful country that we live in and remembering all those who have and do sacrifice to make that freedom possible.

This past week is probably this busiest week of the year for our family because of how involved we are in our 4th of July celebration, so I’ve been extremely absent the past few days, but I am mostly recovered and ready to get back to it!