Bi-Lo and Publix ads

Just a quick link to the Bi-Lo and Publix ads this week!

Bi-Lo has a few nice deals. Be sure to check out the $.64 Hillshire Farm sausage links, the $1.50 NutriGrain bars, and the $.99 dozen eggs (only Friday-Sunday). I’m also going to get a couple of bottles of Mott’s juice for $1.40. I usually don’t spend more than $1 for a bottle of juice, but I think the prices going up will make me change that! I haven’t seen a bottle of any kind of juice for less than $1.50 in quite a few months, so I’ll take what I can get!

Publix had some great deals (as you can see HERE), especially the $.14 Nature Valley granola bars, the FREE plus overage Resolve, and the $.62 Suave kids shampoo/conditioner!

Confronting the Mess

Many things have happened in the past few weeks that have been… for lack of a better word… messy! Certain friendships, family relationships, the current (and possibly long-term) economic climate all have come at me, individually and collaboratively, to feel like one big mess! Sometimes when I’m in the middle of a mess, I start to feel overwhelmed by the utter hugeness of it all. It seems so insurmountable! I’ve really let it all get to me lately!

I was browsing through my friend Kelly’s blog earlier today (because I’m so glad she’s back from a long vacations!) and I was again captured by this post she did a couple of months ago. She really is a wonderfully gifted writer, and I was just as touched when I read this post today as I was when I read it earlier this summer. It’s about messes, big and little. Now, I know that many of you may not be Catholic, and some of this is about Catholicism, but I believe that it applies to everyone and it certainly gave me some perspective!

No matter the mess, God is bigger than it all, and he died to redeem it all. He can and will sort out the biggest of the Macro Messes, and when we turn towards him, we can find the perspective we need.

Publix, Bi-Lo and Food Lion

Today is Wednesday, which means new ads for Publix, Bi-Lo and Food Lion. Be sure and look closely at Bi-Lo’s ad. They recently changed their coupon policy to accept competitor’s coupons and they have a few nice deals when you use both them and manufacturer’s coupons.



Food Lion

I don’t normally publish Food Lion because I don’t usually see great deals, and I had not-so-good experiences the only two times I’ve gone, but they have a couple of good deals this week! I may have to try it, or at least price-match at Wal-Mart!!

Wisk $3.99
– $2/1 from 07/31 Redplum insert
= $1.99

Bulls Eye bbq sauce $.99
– $.75/1 from 07/31 RP insert
= $.24 each

Wishbone salad dressing BOGO $2.79
– $1/1 from 07/31 RP insert
– $1/2 Ecoupon
= $.14 each

Price-matching produce

One of my favorite things to price-match at Wal-Mart is produce! Save-A-Lot usually has GREAT prices on produce, but I’ve never been there to actually check out their quality, and I have a feeling that it’s not that great. Usually, I just take the ad that comes in the mail straight to Wal-mart and price match them!

I did it last night, and here’s what I got:

Green Bell Peppers (originally $.88 each) price-matched to $.33 each
Cucumbers (originally $.78 each) price-matched to $.33 each
Red Grapes (originally $1.98/lb) price-matched to $.98/lb
Bananas (originally $.52/lb) price-matched to $.39/lb

Total I spent $8.31 for 2.6 lbs of grapes, 3.75 lbs of bananas (most not pictured), 7 bell peppers, and 6 cucumbers!


Well, I’ve been holding this one back because I was waiting to hear about the final results, but about a week and a half ago, I received a call from someone at All You Magazine telling me that I was one of the 10 semi-finalists for their 2011 Grocery Challenge. I don’t know how many people entered this year, but last year they had over 7,000 entries.

To be picked as one of the 10 semi-finalists is a huge honor, and I was honored, I am honored, but I have to admit I was really hoping to be one of the top three, especially the winner because they win a $1,000 award. The winner is also featured in their magazine, and I had high hopes for where it would take this blog that I have been working on and gone back and forth with for so long, from feeling encouraged about where it’s going to discouraged about where it isn’t at.

According to the entry, I should have heard about the results if I was in the top three by today, and I didn’t hear anything. It’s hard. After I got the initial phone call, I had a prayer time and I asked God to take this in His hands, and do with it what he will. If he wanted me to win, then let me win, and, if, for whatever reason, he didn’t, that I wouldn’t. I think I’ve had to put it back into His hands about a thousand times since that initial prayer, and I will probably have to keep doing it, but it is what it is. I can’t change it, even if I wanted to, and I wouldn’t really want to, because I trust in the Lord and His plans for me.

I am honored by being chosen as a semi-finalist, and I am seeking His will for my life and for all of my endeavors. I thank you all for your prayers for this as well!

A bad investment

A non-resiliant houseplant is always a bad investment for me! Thankfully my nice little peace lily doesn’t mind if I neglect it temporarily! It dutifully pops back up after a little water and attention!

Frugal Hats

Looking for a frugal hat? Try a pull-up! It’s cheap, fast, and pretty cute! Wouldn’t you agree? The only real problem would be the leg holes, which, unless you’re using it on a dog and could repurpose them as ear holes, would have to be closed or patched, but a piece of colored duct tape would do the job in a pinch!

Publix, Bi-Lo and Food Lion

New ads started today for Publix and Bi-Lo!

Publix has a few nice items (GO-GURT! and PopTarts!) as well as a new penny item for today (bottled water) if you have the coupon from today’s paper!

Bi-Lo doesn’t look too exciting for me, but I did see a coupon in the mail today that will be in Sunday’s paper for $.50/1 Carolina Pride lunchmeat, which will make those $.99! That’s a great price for lunchmeat unless you’re carving your own! I’m also reading about Ecoupons for Bi-Lo, which can be combined with store AND manufacturer’s coupons. AND their new coupon policy allows competitor’s coupons, so I am hopeful that we’ll be enjoying some of the amazing deals that I’ve gotten so used to getting at Publix!

Publix ad 07/27-08/02

I Heart Publix has the preview for the new ad starting on Wednesday. The good news is that the Scotch scissors that are free after printable coupon are AGAIN buy one get one free and I can get another rain check for them, the bad news is that means that it’ll be that much longer till they have them in stock to redeem the rain check!

Other than that, the deals are ok, but not amazing!

Sunday sales 07/24

It’s Sunday, which means new sales for a lot of stores!

Kroger has a new ad after two weeks of the Mega event. I don’t see a lot of exciting deals, but I am thrilled about the Smart Balance milk, which has a lactose-free variety, and my husband and my son are both lactose-intolerant. The Smart Balance milk will be $1 for a half-gallon, and, since lactose-free milk isn’t cheap, so I am very happy to see this!

CVS has a couple of great deals, including Bengay, Renu, Crest and some very cheap Kotex!

Walgreens also has some great freebies, especially the ones that are free after register rewards without coupons. I’m especially excited about the Scrunci, since I’m getting low and I’ll be able to get TWO with the Register Reward deal!!!

Rite Aid has a few good items this week, though it’s not as good as it has been in weeks past!

A new part of the Sunday ads worth paying attention to is the school supply category. Office Max (free backpack!!!), Office Depot, and Staples are all offering rock-bottom prices on various school supplies that are worth taking advantage of. Aside from the deals that require some sort of a rebate (different for each store), you can price-match the deals at Wal-Mart to save time and gas money.