Publix trip and surprise deal

Fresh off of a cold (FINALLY!) and back to shopping (and blogging)!

Apparently my family LOVES Nature’s Valley granola bars, because they’ve all (husband included) been asking for them for about a month now. I’ve been waiting and waiting for a sale, because over $3 for six servings was a lot more than I wanted to pay. One of the coupons in this week’s Publix ad was for $2 off of Nature Valley granola bars, and, I was thrilled to see, it included both the big box AND the smaller box, all of which had $2/2 peelie coupons attached to them! So… they were only $.14 PER BOX! At that price, I’m going back tomorrow because I didn’t want to clear the shelves, though I was slightly tempted when I consider the rate at which my boys inhale these granola bars!

Anyway, with the amazing deal on the granola bars and a few other nice deals, I left with quite a good result!

Nature Valley Granola Bars x6
Seattle’s Best decaf coffee x4
Publix Big Roll Paper Towel (penny item) x1
Hefty trash bags x2
Resolve x4
Suave kid’s shampoo x2

Total before $83.66
TOTAL AFTER = $17.66 or 79% savings

Quick Publix and Wal-Mart trips

Right now, I’m in the thick of helping put together a 4th of July celebration for about 500 people. My husband and I are both in headship of various parts of the celebration and it’s catching up with me! The next few days are going to be very busy and very hectic, so I can’t promise much around here until the weekend is over!! I will post what I can, when I can, and I’ll do my best to pick up the pace next week!

First, I went to Publix this morning to get the penny item (tortilla chips) and get a gas card ($50 Shell card for only $40 when you buy $25 worth of groceries before coupons).

Here’s what I got:

Johnson and Johnson non-stick pads x2
Johnson and Johnson first-aid kits x2
Publix tortilla chips
Carefree pads x5
Bayer Advanced x2
Garrity flashlights x2
Reynold’s aluminum foil 75 ft x2
Rotel x2
French’s mustard x2
Goldfish x6

Total before coupons/sales = $57.06
Total after was… FREE plus $.64 profit or 101% savings!!!

The only way I was able to leave with profit was that I got the gas card in the same transaction, so the profit applied to the gas card, making it cheaper than $40! AND the goldfish had $.75/1 peelies on them to make them only $.25 each! I am so pumped about that because my kids love them!!

On our date tonight, my husband and I ran by Wal-Mart (romantic, I know!), and it was the most fun part of the date, or at least the most interesting part! We saw quite a few shoppers that rival the ones shown in THIS video (seriously!) and I got some more freebies before the coupons expired!

Noxzema razors (x8)
Nexcare bandages (x3)

Total before coupons = $18.76
TOTAL AFTER = FREE plus $.24 profit or 101% savings!!

Bi-Lo trip

You may have noticed that I haven’t bought much meat for the past few weeks in my $25 Weekly Challenge, and that’s because I don’t buy meat, in general, on a weekly basis. I buy it when it’s the best price, stock up, and freeze it for later! So, I promise we’ve been eating meat the past few weeks, it’s just been pulled from my big freezer!!

Well, this week is much different! I bought 30 lbs of meat at Bi-Lo this week! I’ve been under my $25 for the past two weeks, so I’m hoping that I didn’t go over because of this, but I had to get it for this amazing price!

Here’s what I got:

Carolina Pride smoked sausage (polska kielbasa is our favorite!) BOGO $3.99 (x23 in two different trips)
 – $.50/1 coupon (doubled, x23) = $.99 each
Carolina Pride mild breakfast sausage BOGO $3.49 (x7)
 – $.50/1 coupon (doubled, x7) = $.74 each
KC Masterpiece bbq sauce BOGO $2.15 (x1)
 – $1/1 (x1) = $.08
Clearance bag of bananas (about 8 lbs) $1.50
Clearance bag of onions (about 5 lbs) $1.50
Milk $3.08
Southern Home foam plates BOGO $2.28 (x3)

Total before savings = $139.79
TOTAL AFTER = $37.65 or 73% savings

I also got a raincheck for more breakfast sausage because they only had a few at each store. Now, this is more than $25 for my weekly out-of-pocket, but, like I said, I was under for the past couple of weeks, so I’ll re-calculate it all and we’ll see how I come out on the Friday Finals! Either way, I had to stock up on this meat because it’s absolutely rock-bottom pricing (less than $1 per pound!) and sausage is a meat that my husband loves!!

Disclaimer: I didn’t wipe the store out, I went to two different stores, and I assure everyone that I left tons of smoked sausage for everyone else! I did, however, take the last 3 and 4 rolls of breakfast sausage, but I don’t think that’s extreme!

Failed attempts at greatness and Publix trip(s) 06/22

Speaking of being an ultra-couponing dropout, I have had a couple of failed attempts at greatness the past few days. I’ve been pretty busy lately and more than a little spacey, but I KNEW that my Rite Aid UP+ rewards didn’t expire till Sunday because they’ve always been for 3 full weeks before. Well, they weren’t. They expired the DAY BEFORE, and it wasn’t just a couple of dollars worth of rewards… it was a lot! I had spent most of the weekend in the hospital with my husband. I took him to the ER on Friday evening with some complications that looked like a serious problem. Anyway, my major mistake combined with my major stress equaled me bursting into tears in the middle of the store in front of the employees and my kids… humility is a hard thing to learn!

So, we all stumble and make mistakes. Just dust yourself off and keep going!

In the spirit of trying to keep going, today I powered through two attempts at a Publix trip, forgotten coupons, a diaper and a potty-training mishap, cranky baby, crawling under my car to pick up my cell phone pieces, and just general fun all around! I had to go home in between trips to get my coupons and I went back to be done with it! I did come out with a good ending, and I was able to get two penny items since I had to make two trips, so there’s the silver lining!

Here’s what I got:

Chicken legs (I asked the meat guy to split it into 5 packages to maximize the coupon savings) $5.64
 – $1/1 chicken when you buy Betty Crocker potatoes peelie (x5)
Betty Crocker potatoes (great for a soup thickener or potato pancakes!) BOGO $1.73 (x6)
 – $.50/2 peelie (doubled, x3)
Deli drink (mommy’s reward!) $1.19
Glad 75 count drawstring trashbags $11.79
 – $10 coupon (I emailed the company when my last box of trashbags kept breaking and they sent me this amazing coupon!)
Publix apple juice $2.69 (x2)
 – $2.68 coupon (x2)

Total before coupons/sales = $34.38
TOTAL AFTER = $5.83 or 83% savings

By breaking the chicken up into five different packages instead of the original two packages, I was able to maximize those $1/chicken coupons to get over 3 lbs of chicken for $.64 or about $.18 per pound instead of the original $1.79 per pound price.

I had planned on getting some more free Bayer, but they were completely out! I did get a raincheck to use the Publix coupon after it expires on Friday, so I can get a couple of boxes, but I was really hoping to stock up! I used my Glad coupon instead to get the biggest box of trashbags I could find and go over the $10 pre-coupon total to get the penny item.

All in all, I’m happy, especially since I got two bottles of apple juice for a penny each!!!

My out-of-pocket total for the week is now $13.99

CVS and Walgreens this week

I went to CVS and Walgreens on Sunday (again, I’m so late in posting due to lack of a working camera and lack of sleep!) I haven’t had much luck the last two weeks in finding the best deals at Walgreens, so I had quite a few register rewards in my possession that were expiring. Usually, I try to use the RRs each week to get items that generate new RRs and not have to worry about them expiring, but my Walgreens has been completely out of the best deals by Sunday afternoon, so I had to burn some rewards or lose them! I used them on something that is hard to get a great deal on, and even without using the rewards, it was a pretty good deal. Here’s what I got:


Wal-Fex allergy medicine $3.99
 – $4 RR
Bayer advanced asprin $3.00
 – $2/1 coupon
 – $2 RR
Colgate toothbrush $2.99
 – $1/1 coupon
 – $2 RR
Sparkle 6 double roll paper towels (using my rewards!) $5.50 (x3)
 – $4 RR wyb $15 worth
Spree $.39 (x2)

Total before sales/coupons = $38.70
TOTAL AFTER  = $12.28 or 68% savings.

Because I used register rewards to pay for it all, my total out-of-pocket was only $4.55. The paper towels weren’t the deal of the year, but it’s something that is hard to find with a good sale or good coupons, and it’s something that we use. I normally shoot for no more than $.50 per roll, and these came out to be $.68 for a DOUBLE roll, so it was pretty good! Considering most of the bucks that I used were profit (from the free plus profit items the past few weeks), it wasn’t a bad deal at all!

CVS was the best of the trips once again!

Here’s what I got:

Motrin PM $4.00 (x2)
 – $1/1 coupon (x2)
 – $3 ECB (x2)
Zyrtec $5.99
 – $2/1 coupon
 – $6 ECB
Bayer Advanced $3.00
 – $2/1 coupon
 – $1 ECB
Papers $1.50 (x3)

 – $3/$10 First aid items printed form the coupon center (it worked with the painkillers!)

Total before sales/coupons = $27.96
TOTAL AFTER = FREE plus $.50 profit or 102% savings

My overage from the Zyrtec and the $3/$10 first aid items paid for my papers and then some!

I also paid only $.49 out-of-pocket!

Check Friday Finals to see how I made out this week in my $25 per week spending goal!

Publix trip 06/13

I planned out my trip so that I could take advantage of the new Conagra rebate available in stores (just ask at the customer service counter for a booklet!). In order to qualify for the rebate, you need to buy $25 in Conagra products and at least $50 total (before coupons) in one trip. It took some planning, but I came up with a plan, and, after a couple of last-minute changes, it worked great! Sorry for the lack of a picture, but my camera batteries died this weekend with all the stuff going on.

Here’s what I got:

12 jars of Peter Pan peanut butter (TONS still on the shelf!)
6 bottles of Hunt’s ketchup (again, TONS still left)
3 boxes of Orville Redenbacher popcorn
2 boxes of Combat ant killer
4 Johnson and Johnson first aid travel kits
18 count eggs
2 bottles V8 Splash
5 lbs of carrots
2.5 lbs of grapes
2 lbs of bananas
3 birthday cards

My total before coupons/sales was $86.72
Total after coupons/sales = $18.25 PLUS I’m getting a $20 gift card back, so it was all FREE plus profit or 102% savings!!!!!

I’m keeping track of my out-of-pocket expenses (my goal is to spend no more than $25 a week), and this trip, though it was all ‘free’ did cost me $12 out of pocket after using the rest of the Publix gift card that I got for transferring a prescription!

So, I have two victories to make note of, one is getting all that stuff for FREE, and the other is staying well within my $25 goal for the week so far!

TOTAL OUT-OF-POCKET FOR THE WEEK = $12 (out of $25 for this week + $5 left over from last week)

Publix trip 06/01 = 97% savings

I don’t usually shop at Publix on the first day of the ad. I usually wait until the next week so that I can get the new Sunday’s coupons and take a little bit more time to get all my stuff together, but today’s penny item happens to be something that we’re starting to run low on (cheese slices), plus the $5/$30 purchase coupon in this morning’s paper encouraged me further. So, I gathered my coupons, made my list and we headed out this morning!

Here’s what we got:

1 Mrs T Pierogies
2 Nestle oatmeal raisin cookies
7 Gerber yogurt
2 Almond Breeze milks
2 Hellmann’s light mayo
1 John Freida Root Awakening shampoo
6 Ronzoni Garden pasta
2 Johnson and Johnson baby wash
1 Publix american cheese slices (penny item)

Total before coupons/savings = $72.71
TOTAL AFTER = $2.37 or 97% savings!! I was able to use the overage from the yogurt, the pasta, and the Publix $5 coupon to pay for most of the other items, which were all (except the Almond Breeze) at rock-bottom price. Rock-bottom prices combined with overage equals HUGE savings.

The Gerber Yogurt coupons really made this trip. I thought about using them the past couple of weeks (after I got them from our ped’s office the last couple of visits), and they would have been free with the coupons, but I hung on to them, hoping for a sale. Because I hung on to them, and waited for a sale, I was able to get $3.50 in overage towards the rest of my stuff instead of ‘just’ free. AND I was able to make my total before coupons over $30 to use that $5/$30 coupon without adding to my out-of-pocket expense.

A Quick Bi-Lo Trip

I did a quick Bi-Lo trip for some free soap and cheap plates and sugar!

Southern Home foam plates BOGO $2.18 (x5)
(I know, 100% not environmentally safe! I completely realize that and actually thought about not posting this trip, but, again, I try to live in reality, and this is our reality with a broken dishwasher and extremely busy schedules!)
Olay 2 pk bar soap $1.99 (x4)
– $2/1 coupon (x4) =FREE
Dixie sugar $1.99 (x2)
– $.50/1 coupon (x2, doubled)

Total before coupons/sales = $30.34
TOTAL AFTER = $7.64 or 75% savings

Publix trip… again! 86% savings for veggies and extra!

I went to Publix again after my friend Rebecca tipped me off about a GREAT coupon booklet that made for some amazing deals! This ad is good through Saturday this week, due to Holy week, so you have plenty of time to get the same deals! The booklet was inside the door, on the right side, and they had tons left!

Here’s what I got:

Birds Eye chopped spinach (50% off) $.64 (x10)
– $1/2 Publix coupon (from the booklet!) = $.14 each
Birds Eye broccoli (50% off) $.89 (x2)
– $1/2 Publix coupon (booklet) = $.39 each
Red Baron pizza (sale) $2.99
Duncan Hines cake mix BOGO $1.71 (x5)
– $.55/1 Publix coupon (BOOKLET!) (x5) = $.30 each
Kraft Shredded Mozzarella cheese (the bit of Philly kind) $1.67 (x12)
– $1/1 blinkie coupon (x12) = $.67 each
Carrots 5 lb $3.49
Celery $.99
Bananas $1.52
– $3/$6 in produce Food Lion printable coupon
John Freida Foam haircolor $11.99 (x2)
– FREE product coupon (x2)
– $2/1 Publix coupon (x2) = FREE plus $4 profit
Yoplait Delights yogurt $2
– $.50/1 coupon
– $.55/1 Publix printable coupon = $.45
12 ct plastic eggs $.99 (for Resurrection Eggs!)

Total before coupons/sales = $110.84
TOTAL AFTER COUPONS/SALES = $15.15 or 86% savings

The coupons that I had for the free product I just happened to find sitting out at a store a couple of weeks ago, so those were a very lucky find, but this is a good example of using overage. I could use those coupons anywhere to get the haircolor for free, but I used it at Publix, stacking it with the Publix coupon, to get overage. The $4 in overage paid for all of the frozen veggies (after their coupons), and most of the fresh ones!

I also made sure to get just BARELY above $6 in produce to maximize the Food Lion coupon. If you get $10 of produce with the coupon, it’s 30% savings, but if you get $6 worth and use the coupon, it’s 50% savings. If I needed more, I would have gotten more, but, as it is, I got 8.5 lbs of fruits and veggies, so I have plenty!

Publix Trip #2

Going with the new sale, I went to Publix again today. I had to decide if it was better to go today and use the coupons that I had that were expiring today, or wait till Monday and use the new coupons that I know will be in the Sunday paper to match with this ad. I chose today, got stuff for my friend Rebecca (using her coupons that will expire today) and she’s going on Monday and will probably get the things for me that I need Sunday’s coupons for! Isn’t sharing fun?!

The picture shows everything I got, but not everything is mine, so I’m going to put *s next to Rebecca’s things instead of taking everything back out of the fridge/cabinets and taking another picture!

Here’s what I got:

Lays potato chips BOGO $3.99 (x4)
– $1/1 Publix coupon (x4)
*Lays potato chips BOGO $3.99
– $1/1 Publix coupon
– $.55/1 coupon (I totally forgot about those!)
Celery $.99
Bananas $2.91
Parsley $.79
Kale greens $2
– $1/1 coupon
Red potatoes $2.99
– $.60/1 potatoes wyb Breakstone sour cream coupon
Breakstone sour cream BOGO $2.25
*Resolve spray $2.99 (x2)
– $.50/1 peelie (x2)
– $2/2 Publix coupon
Resolve spray $2.99
– $1.50/1
Resolve in-wash $6.49
– $1.50/1 coupon
– $2/2 Publix coupon
– FREE mail-in rebate
Wesson Oil BOGO $4.39 (x4)
– $.40/1 (x4, doubled)
Poise $3.19 (x6)
– $3/1 Publix coupon in booklet (x6)
– $2/1 coupon (x2, which I got by emailing the company!)
Dole Pineapple BOGO $1.61 (x8)
– $.50/2 (x4, doubled)
Triscuit BOGO $3.19
– $1/1 Publix coupon (home mailer)
*Dawn dish detergent $1.49 (x4)
– $.25/1 coupon (x4, doubled)
– $.55/1 Publix coupon (x4)
Kraft Touch of Philly cheese $1.67 (x5)
– $1/1 blinkie (x5)
*Kraft shredded cheese $1.67 (x2)
– $1/2 coupon
Oscar Meyer Bacon BOGO $6.99
– $1/1 Publix coupon (home mailer)
*Odwalla superfood drink $2 (for my friend Jennifer) (x2)
– $1/2 Publix coupon
– $.35/1 coupon (doubled)
Swiffer Dust and Shine $3.79 (x6)
– $1/1 Publix coupon (x6)
– BOGO coupon (x3)
– $1/1 coupon (x2, I can do this by the way, because the BOGO coupon attaches to only the free item, not the one I have to buy in order to get the free item, so I could have used three, but only had two)
*Swiffer Dust and Shine $3.79 (x2)
– BOGO coupon
– $1/1 Publix coupon (x2)
Publix bags $.99 (x3)
– FREE bag wyb two P&G products coupon (x3)
*Publix bags $.99 (x3)
– FREE bag wyb two P&G products coupon (x3)
Gerber Yogurt $2.99 (x3)
– $3/1 coupon (x3)
Colgate toothpaste (RAINCHECK) $1 (x2)
– $.50/1 peelie (x2)
*Dixie 5 lb bag sugar $2.99
– $.50/1 coupon

– $5/$25 Earth Fare coupon
– $3/$6 produce Food Lion coupon

Total before coupons/sales = $201.68
TOTAL AFTER COUPONS/SALES = $30.18 or 85% savings!

I also used the raincheck I got for a $50 gas gift card for only $40, but that is a different category in my budget, so I’m not including that in my total.