Sunday Sales:

Kroger is having the second week of the mega event sale, so almost all of the sales will be the same as they were last week. This could be good if you missed out on anything you wanted last week, or bad if you (like me) didn’t find much appealing in the sale! Go HERE to check out the full match-ups!

CVS has one great freebie (Crest toothbrushes!) and a few cheapies. One that I wasn’t planning on getting, but was glad to see was a small bottle of Gilette Fusion shave cream for $2.19. You’ll get $2 in ECB back, making it only $.19! Go HERE for the best deals!

Walgreens has one GREAT deal that I was super-pumped to get! My husband is picky about what kind of soap he uses (he’s not a bodywash guy unfortunately because bodywash is easy to get for free!!!), and he was getting low, so I’m excited to get some Dove Men+Care soap for FREE!!!! They also have a pretty nice deal on diapers if you need some, so check that out!

Rite Aid has a few nice money-makers that I’m tempted to jump on! My problem has been keeping up with all of the different stores’ reward papers, but I’ve read that you can turn around and buy a Rite Aid gift card with their UP+ rewards! I may have to try it!

CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid deals 06/26-07/02

I am feeling really un-inspired by the drugstore deals this week. It could be just me because I’ve been so busy and tired lately. However, all sales have their ups and downs and I think that with all the amazing deals the past few weeks, what goes up must come down. There are still a few deals to be had, and bucks to be spent if you’ve been getting the other deals the past few weeks, so here are the best ones I see:


Rephresh tampons $6.79
 – $6.79 ECB
 – $1/1 printable coupon HERE
 = FREE plus $1 profit

There’s also a Dove deal going on that could be good, but I’ve heard online that the prices aren’t what they’re listed as in the ad and the ECBs aren’t printing. Maybe they’ll fix it?!


Johnson and Johnson baby products $3
 – $1 RR wyb 2
 – $1/1 HERE or HERE or HERE
 – $2/2 HERE or HERE
 = $1.50 each

Renew Life Ultimate Probiotic $20
 – $20 mail-in rebate
 – $2/1 printable coupon HERE
 = FREE plus $2 after rebate

Mycocide antifungal treatment $9.99
 – $9.99 mail-in rebate
 – $3/1 printable HERE
 = FREE plus $3 after rebate

Pro clearz antifungal pen $4.99
 – $4.99 mail-in rebate
 = FREE after rebate

Mueller kinesiology tape $6.99
 – $6.99 mail-in rebate
 = FREE after rebate

Rite Aid

Crest whitening plus or Oral B toothbrush $2.69
 – $2.69 UP+ (limit 2)

Excedrin $1.99
 – $1 UP+ (limit 2)
 – $1/1 printable coupon HERE
 – $1/1 Rite Aid coupon HERE
 = FREE plus overage

Rite Aid 06/19-06/25

Rite Aid has some great deals again this week! Don’t forget that their new coupon policy states that you can only use one coupon TOTAL on a buy one get one free sale, not one per item like every other store. It makes the BOGO deals not good deals, so keep that in mind when you see their ad.

St Joseph’s asprin $1.50
 – $1.50 UP+ reward (limit 2)

Zantac 24-30 ct $7.99
 – $2/1 Rite Aid coupon HERE
 – $5/1 printable HERE
 – $2 UP+ reward (limit 4)
 = FREE plus profit

Colgate toothpaste $2.99
 – $2.99 UP+ rewards (limit 4)
 – $1/1 from Get more from your pharmacy booklet
 – $.75/1 from 06/05 SS
 = FREE plus profit

Samy Fat Foam hair color $8.99
 – $5 UP+ (limit 2)
 – $2/1 Rite Aid coupon HERE
 – $3/1 printable HERE
 = FREE plus profit

Stride gum $1
 – $1 UP+ wyb 2
 – $.50/1 Rite Aid coupon HERE
 = as low as $.25 each wyb two

Rite Aid deals 06/05-06/11

Rite Aid has more good deals this week! If you’ve never shopped at Rite Aid, or find it a little confusing, go HERE to learn about Rite Aid basics!

Blink Tears $7.99
 – $7.99 SCR
 – $2/1 from 05/22 RP insert
 = FREE plus $2 profit

Oral B Crossaction Power Toothbrush $5.99
 – $2.99 UP+ (limit 4)
 – $3/1 from 06/05 PG insert

Crest Toothpaste $2.57
 – $1.60 UP+ (limit 2)
 – $1/1 from 06/05 PG insert

Southern Savers also has a deal with the Neutrogena stuff that would turn out great IF your store lets you use an in-ad coupon for multiple items OR lets you do five different transactions. I’m not going to attempt it because, even though the coupon policy doesn’t say anything against it, I highly doubt they’ll let you do it, but it may be worth trying for someone who really needs the stuff!

Neutrogena Naturals face and body bar $3.63 (buy 2)
Neutrogena Healthy Defense sun block stick $7.99 (buy 3)
 – $2/2 Neutrogena suncare product (x3) manufacturer’s coupon from this week’s Bi-Lo ad or from Kroger coupon/ad insert from a couple of months ago
 – $1/1 Neutrogena naturals cleanser from 05/08 SS
 – $1.50/1 in-ad coupon (x5)
 -$10 UP+
 = $4.23 or $.85 each

Rite Aid 01/16-01/22 deals and Couponing for Charity donations

This is a good week at Rite Aid! Even though they only have a few deals, they are great donation/stock up items! I was able to stock on a few things for myself, snag some GREAT Christmas clearance deals for my gift baskets for next year, and get $20 worth of stuff to donate for an out of pocket cost of $1.17!

First, the week’s best deals:

Rite Aid Facial Tissue, Bath Tissue (single roll), or Simplify Bath Tissue (4 pack) $1
– $1 UP+ reward = FREE

****It appears that they set a limit of 1 on this now, so don’t try to get more than 1!!

TGI Friday Snacks $0.97
– $1 UP+ reward = FREE

Par Excellence 2 lb brown rice $1.69
– $1 UP+ reward = $.69

Par Excellence 2 lb white rice $1.24
– $1 UP+ reward = $.24

It appears there is a limit of 1 on the toilet paper and facial tissue now!
I went to two different locations (so as not to get too much at any one place) and got the following:

Store #1

#1 transaction
Rite Aid bath tissue single roll $1 (x4)
Par Excellence brown rice $1.69
=$5.69 out of pocket (OOP) and got $5 UP+ rewards back

#2 transaction
Rite Aid bath tissue single roll $1 (x4)
Par Excellence white rice $1.24
– used the $5 UP+ rewards from previous transaction
=$0.24 out of pocket, plus I got another $5 UP+ rewards

#3 transaction
Christmas clearance 90% off!
Ornaments $.19 (x7)
Russell Stover candy $.08 (x10)
other candy $.10 (x3)
Yo-Yos $.50 (x2)
Whoopie cushions $.50 (x2)
Candle lamps $.59
– used the $5 UP+ rewards from previous transaction
= $.02 out of pocket

Store #2 (very similar to the last store’s transactions)

#1 transaction
Rite Aid facial tissue $1 (x4)
Par Excellence brown rice $1.69
Par Excellence white rice $1.24
= $6.93 OOP plus I got $6 UP+ rewards back

#2 transaction
Simplify bath tissue 4 pack $1 (x4)
– used $4 UP+ rewards
= $0 oop, plus I got $4 UP+ rewards back

#3 transaction
Folgers coffee $6.99 (my husband was out and needed it ASAP! This was an easy way to use up all of my UP+ rewards before I left the store, which is what I try to do because I lose things easily and these expire!)
– $6 UP+ rewards
=$.99 OOP

All of these are great donation items, and that’s what I’m doing with most of it!

Couponing for Charity totals for this week:

Rite Aid toilet tissue x8 (originally $1.99)
White rice 2 lb bag $.24 (x2)
Brown rice 2 lb bag $.69 (x1)
Total before sales/deals = $20.17
Total after sales/deals = $1.17 or 94% savings

Rite Aid basics

Marie asked me about Rite Aid, specifically how their UP+ rewards work. Rite Aid is quickly becoming one of my favorite stores (along with CVS and Publix) due to their programs.

First, they have their Single Check Rebate (SCR) program, which is a simple in-house rebate program. Usually it’s a certain $ amount back through SCR for buying a certain product, and sometimes it makes the item free. Once in a while, it even makes the item a money-maker when you use a coupon as well (ie buy an item at $9.99, use a $2/1 manufacturer coupon, get $9.99 back from SCR, making it a $2 money-maker!) The SCR is like any other rebate, except that it’s an in-house rebate that you can submit online, which means you can still submit the items for manufacturer’s rebates with the receipts (which is one of the ways I get all my Olay skincare for free!). You can also still use manufacturer’s coupons, and Rite Aid/Video Value coupons (when available).

Video Values is another program that Rite Aid has. It’s basically a program that gives you coupons for watching short videos (most are around 30 seconds long). Most of them are for specific products (Kleenex, Huggies, Sundown vitamins, Chex mix, etc) but if you watch enough videos, you can earn a $4 off of a $20 purchase Rite Aid coupon, and they usually have a couple of $1 off of any purchase coupons as well. You can use these along with manufacturer coupons, and the products will still count towards any SCR or UP+ rewards available. For example, you could use a Video Value coupon (which is a Rite Aid coupon) for Kleenex, as well as a manufacturer’s coupon, AND you could also use any and all $1 off of any purchase coupons. If you can get your pre-coupon total high enough, you could also use a $4 off of a $20 coupon from the Video Values program, as long as you hand the cashier that coupon before you hand him/her your other coupons.

The UP+ Rewards is a fairly new program for Rite Aid. It’s taken a few months of trial and error (for both myself and the cashiers) to get a good knowledge of how it works. UP+ Rewards are VERY similar to CVS’ ECB program. They’re printed out at the end of your receipt after you purchase an eligible product. They’re tied to your account (you need a Wellness card to generate and redeem them) and they have expiration dates (and they DO expire!) Sometimes it will also print out a $1 off of any $10 beauty coupon in addition to the UP+ reward. You can buy as many of the items that generate rewards as you are allowed (some have a limit, but some don’t!) and you can redeem as many rewards as you want to in a transaction.

I’m better at understanding something when I have examples, so let’s do one! Motrin PM 20 ct is on sale this week for $3, plus you get a $2 UP+ reward, plus you can use the $6/2 coupon that was in last week’s paper. SO…

Buy Motrin PM $3.00 (x2)
– $6/2 coupon (you’ll pay nothing out of pocket!)
– $2 UP+ Rewards (x2 for buying 2)

=FREE (with no out of pocket expense) and a money-maker of $4 (two $2 UP+ Rewards!)

There is no advertised limit on this one, so you could get as many as you have coupons for! The UP+ Rewards do expire, so I usually try not to leave the store with any in my pocket, in case I don’t get back in the next couple of weeks, so you could then use them to buy… baby wipes (on my brain because we need some!) or anything else you need or is on sale.

I have had a couple of experiences where it DID NOT print the UP+ Rewards like it was supposed to, and I had to show the cashier the ad, who told the manager, who called corporate, who gave me cash back instead of the actual rewards. The system is still fairly new, and it has a few kinks to work out still, so don’t be afraid to say something if it doesn’t work out the way it’s supposed to. Make sure you have your ad with you, and you know EXACTLY how the transaction should work out so you don’t second-guess yourself and lose money.

I hope that helps Marie! Let me know if any of it is confusing!

Rite Aid deals 12/12-12/18

Again, the deals aren’t hopping anywhere this week, but you can still score some free cough drops and toothpaste at Rite Aid!

Hall’s Cough Drops $1.50
-$1 UP+ wyb 2
-$1/2 from 11/07 SS insert
-$0.50/1 Rite Aid coupon (November Video Values if you viewed it)
-$0.50/1 Rite Aid coupon (December Video Values)
=FREE if you have both coupons, $.25 each if you can only get the December one

Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste $3.50
-$3.50 UP+

Rite Aid this week and stacking coupons and using overage to your advantage

First, it’s gonna be an awesome week at Rite Aid!! Here are the freebies:

Neil Med Nasa mist spray $9.99
-$9.99 SCR
-$2/1 coupon HERE
=FREE plus profit

Neil Med Nasogel $5.99
-$5.99 SCR
-$2/1 coupon HERE
-FREE item rebate HERE
=FREE plus profit

NeilMed NasaDOCK Plus Drying Stand at $5.99
-$5.99 SCR

PediaCare Gentle Vapors Vapor-Plug $6.99
-$6.99 SCR
-$1/1 from 10/10 SS insert
=FREE plus profit

Pediacare cough syrup or cold $4.99
-$4.99 SCR
-$1/1 from 10/10 SS insert
=FREE plus profit

KidsEEZE soft chews $4.99
-$4.99 SCR

EmergenC immune booster shots 2 pack $3.49
-$3.49 SCR

Sucrets $2.99
-$2.99 SCR

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter lip butter $1.99
-$1.99 SCR

Comtrex 24 ct $3.99
-$3.99 SCR

Auto Immune support shots 2 pack $2.99
-$2.99 SCR

Blistex ointment $1.99
-$1.99 SCR

Udderly Smooth lotion $1
-$1 UP+ reward

Dove Shampoo or Conditioner $3
-$2/1 Rite Aid Video Values coupon
-$1/1 coupon HERE

Then, here are a couple of awesome scenarios that Southern Savers put together:

Profoot products: Miracle or Triad Insoles, Flextastics, Pump Pouches, Heel Cream, Synovium or Proclearz $5
-$10 SCR wyb 3
-$2/1 Synovium Gel coupon HERE (x2)
-$1/1 Profoot product coupon HERE (x1)
=FREE wyb 3

Olay ProX Skin Care cleanser $17.99 (x3)
-$2 off Olay Facial Cleanser, PG 9/26 (x3)
-$10 UP+ rewards wyb 1 Olay ProX skin care (x3)
-$20 rebate wyb $50 or Olay ProX products from P&G 10/10 insert
-$5/$25 coupon HERE
=FREE plus $7 profit!!!

Purex 3-in-1 Sheets BOGO $7.99 (x2)
Lysol Wipes BOGO $3.99 (x2)
-$1 off Lysol wipes, 28-80 ct, (Rite Aid coupon) printable
-$1/2 Lysol Disinfecting Wipes 09/19 SS insert (or $1/1 from promo flyer, I got mine at my ped’s office)
-$3/1 Purex Complete 3-in-1 laundry sheets 10/10 RP
-$3 UP+ reward

Now, with all of these deals, work out the best scenario for yourself using a combination of SCR items, UP+ items, and items you need in conjunction with the $5/$25 coupon.

For example: I haven’t finalized my plans yet (I have to double-check that we’re actually getting the coupons that we’re supposed to get in our paper tomorrow,) but one of my transactions might look like this:

Huggies $11.99
-$3/1 from 09/26 SS
Neil Med Nasogel $5.99
-$5.99 SCR
-$2/1 coupon HERE
-FREE item rebate HERE
Dove Shampoo or Conditioner $3
-$2/1 Rite Aid Video Values coupon
-$1/1 coupon HERE
Pediacare cough syrup or cold $4.99
-$4.99 SCR
-$1/1 from 10/10 SS insert

-$5/$25 coupon

Total before coupons=$25.97
Total after coupons=$11.97 (which would be your out of pocket expense)
Total after SCR and rebate=FREE plus $5 profit

I think I’ll be doing a few transactions this week at Rite Aid, but this one illustrates my point well.

I could actually get all of these free after SCR items by themselves, but by combining them to equal $25 before coupons, I can use the $5/$25 coupon and the individual overage of the items after coupons to get free diapers as well! That’s stacking coupons and using overage to your advantage! The diapers aren’t even on sale, but you can still get them for free (or whatever else you may be in need of!)

Rite Aid scenario

Last week, I had an awesome trip to Rite Aid. I know not everyone gets as excited about free diapers like I do, BUT I AM SO EXCITED!

I got the following:
Huggies Pure and Natural diapers $8.99 (x2)
-$3/1 coupon (x2)
Pull-Ups $8.99 (x1)
-$2/1 coupon
-$1/1 Rite Aid Video Values coupon
-$5/$25 purchase coupon
-$2 UP+ Rewards (x3)
-$10 gift card rebate

=FREE plus $3.03 profit!!!

It’s hard to beat free (plus profit) diapers in this week’s trip, but I’m going to try! Both of these were put together by For the Mommas:

Transaction #1
Olay moisturizers BOGO 50% (psa $7.49) (x2)
-$1/1 coupon 09/12 SS insert (x2)
Olay Eye Roller $19.99
-FREE Eye Roller wyb two moisturizers coupon 09/12 SS insert (-$19.99)
$5/$25 purchase coupon
-$10 UP+ reward (wyb $30 worth of P&G products)
=FREE plus profit (the amount of profit depends on the actual cost of the moisturizers)

Transaction #2
Gillette body wash $4 (x2)
-FREE bodywash wyb deodorant from 08/29 PG insert (x2)
Gillette deodorant $4 (x2)
-$1/1 from 09/26 PG insert (x2)
Old Spice body spray $4 (x2)
-FREE body spray wyb fresh collection from 09/26 PG insert (x2)
Old Spice Fresh Collection deodorant $4 (x2)
-$1/2 from 09/26 PG insert
-$5/$25 coupon
-$10 UP+ rewards
-$2 SCR
=FREE plus $4 overage

Rite Aid deals 08/22/10-08/28/10

I’m keeping it simple this week, so I probably won’t be blogging much, but it is a FANTASTIC week at Rite Aid this week!! I just had to put some of the deals up!

Arth Arrest Topical Analgesic Lotion $14.99
-$14.99 SCR

Backaid Max 28 ct $3.49
-$3.49 SCR

Boiron Cold Chestal Cough Syrup $7.99
-$7.99 SCR
-$1.50/1 from 01/24 RP insert
=FREE (plus overage if you still have the insert)

Boiron ColdCalm Tablets $7.99
-$7.99 SCR

Cramp 911 Roll-On $6.99
-$6.99 SCR

Kerasal Foot Ointment $6.99
-$6 SCR
-$2/1 from 06/06 SS insert
=FREE plus overage

Salonpas Arthritis patches $5.49
-$5.49 SCR

Stoppain Analgesic Spray or Roll-on $6.99
-$6.99 SCR

Royal gelatin dessert 4/$1
-$1 +up reward wyb 4

Garnier Nutritioniste skincare BOGO 50% off (psa $6.49)
-$1/1 from 07/11 RP insert
-$3 +up reward wyb 1
=as little as FREE

Cottonelle 12 pack $6.49 (x4)
-$1/1 from 08/15 SS or July All You magazine (x4)
-$5 SCR wyb $25 worth
-$5 SCR wyb $25 worth (qualifies for both rebates)
-$5/$25 purchase from AUGUST VIDEO VALUES
=$4.96 wyb 4 packs

Huggies $8.99
-$2 +up reward
-$1.50/1 coupon from 08/22 SS

Remember, you could combine some of the free items together and get your total to $25 or more, and use the $5/$25 coupon from this month’s Video Values to make money or get more money off of something else.

I’m taking it easy this week, but I’m going to Rite Aid tomorrow!!!