Publix trip 08/24 and coupon ettiquite

Apparently I’ve been much more out-of-it than I realized because I planned my day, cancelled a meeting and hauled all three boys across town for a doctor’s appointment that isn’t scheduled until tomorrow! *sighs* The thing is that I SWEAR it was for today and that the reminder call even said it was for today! Well, making lemonade out of lemons, I was able to make a second trip to Publix (since there’s one right by the doctor’s office!) and got twice the number of deals that I was going to get, since I didn’t want to wipe anyone out of anything!

Even if I have enough coupons, I really do my best to practice restraint/good judgement and NOT clear the shelves or take more than I feel like is fair. I don’t have a specific number in mind, but I judge based on the number of deals I could get, the number of items on the shelf, and the hotness of the deal. I don’t want to completely pass up a great deal just because there’s only two left on the shelf, but I don’t want to stop others from the opportunity to get the deal as well. It’s a judgement call usually, and if I want more than I feel is fair, I may make a second trip or go to another store.

The ‘extreme couponing’ phenomina that’s been spreading encourages taking all you can get, and that’s the wrong attitude to have. It should be more like stocking up when the price is at its lowest without being greedy.

Sorry for rambling!! Now, back to Publix shopping!! 😉

I made two trips and got the following:

Whole Fruit Sorbet x5
Publix Greenworks double toilet paper x1 (penny item!!!!!!!)
Fruit in gel cups x4 (school lunches!)
A1 Steak Sauce x6
Fresh Express salad x1
Fresh Express spinach x1
Crest kids toothpaste x1 (clearance shelf)
18 ct eggs
Advil liquid gel and regular tablets x16 (with a deal like this, four different kinds of Advil were included, each of which has a normal stock of around 20-30 bottles, so buying 8 bottles at each store isn’t a huge chunk off the shelf!)

Total before coupons/sales = $164.23
TOTAL AFTER = $17.81 or 89% savings!

I will probably be making a run to CVS and/or Walgreens to get a few items, and possibly grab some more fruit when I go pick up a prescription at Publix (and another $25 gift card!) in a few days, but this will be the bulk of my shopping this week!

Anyone else get some great deals you want to share?!

Publix preview 08/24-08/30

I Heart Publix has the new preview up for Wednesday’s new sales. One of the biggest deals is FREE ADVIL!! Here are some of the highlights:

A1 Steak Sauce BOGO $3.31
– $1/1 from 08/14 SS insert
= $.65 each

Del Monte fruit or fruit in gel 4 packs BOGO $2.65 (school lunches!!)

Fresh Express salad BOGO $3.99
– $1/1 Vocalpoint mailer (LOVE VOCALPOINT!)
– FREE product coupon from Vocalpoint mailer

Wholefruit Sorbet BOGO $2.99
– $.50/1 from 06/26 or 07/24 RP inserts
= $.49 each

Advil 40-50 count $4.49
– $2/1 from 08/14 RP insert
– $5/2 from Publix green advantage ad
= FREE!!!!!

Fruit, salad, steak sauce and pain reliever… once again, these will make for a very random shopping trip, but that’s the point of couponing, to get it when it’s at the lowest, not necessarily when you immediately need it!

For the full match-up, go HERE.

Publix trip and surprise deal

Fresh off of a cold (FINALLY!) and back to shopping (and blogging)!

Apparently my family LOVES Nature’s Valley granola bars, because they’ve all (husband included) been asking for them for about a month now. I’ve been waiting and waiting for a sale, because over $3 for six servings was a lot more than I wanted to pay. One of the coupons in this week’s Publix ad was for $2 off of Nature Valley granola bars, and, I was thrilled to see, it included both the big box AND the smaller box, all of which had $2/2 peelie coupons attached to them! So… they were only $.14 PER BOX! At that price, I’m going back tomorrow because I didn’t want to clear the shelves, though I was slightly tempted when I consider the rate at which my boys inhale these granola bars!

Anyway, with the amazing deal on the granola bars and a few other nice deals, I left with quite a good result!

Nature Valley Granola Bars x6
Seattle’s Best decaf coffee x4
Publix Big Roll Paper Towel (penny item) x1
Hefty trash bags x2
Resolve x4
Suave kid’s shampoo x2

Total before $83.66
TOTAL AFTER = $17.66 or 79% savings

Bi-Lo and Publix sales!

Bi-Lo has a new coupon policy stating that they will accept competitor’s coupons! I’m sure that, in the weeks to come, they’ll more clearly lay it out, but I’m excited to see how this changes things!! I may have to be going to Bi-Lo a lot more often!

Publix has a new ad out today, and there are a few nice little items. I went this evening and got very few food items, but still had a good trip! It’s nice to stock-up on other items too sometimes!

Publix 07/13-07/19

Publix is the store to shop at this week!!!! Here are the best deals:

Nabisco assorted crackers BOGO $3.39
 – $1/2 from 06/19 SS insert
 = $1.20 each

Eight O’Clock coffee BOGO $6.99
 – $2/2 from 06/05 SS insert
 = $2.50 each

Kellogg’s Frosted mini wheats or unfrosted BOGO $3.65
 – $2.25/3 from 07/10 RP insert
 – $1.50/2 from 07/10 RP insert
 – $.70/1 from 07/10 RP insert
 – If they have any Cars 2 labeled boxes (they did at Kroger the last time I checked!) then you can also enter codes online for $5 in free gas (via a pre-paid Visa) with every 4 boxes HERE!
 = as low as free if you find participating boxes after the rebate!

Kraft Barbecue sauce BOGO $1.33
 – $2/Country Time or Kool Aid wyb 2 Kraft barbecue sauces peelie

Hershey’s syrup BOGO $2.19
 – $1/2 from 06/26 SS insert
 = $.60 each

Splenda regular, fiber, or essentials 80-100 ct BOGO $4.59
 – $2/1 printable HERE
 = $.30 each

Smart Balance Buttery spread BOGO $2.59
 – $1/2 from 07/10 or 06/05 SS insert
 = $.80 each

2000 Flushes automatic bowl cleaner BOGO $3.49
 – $1/1 from Publix Smart Savings booklet
 = $.75 each

Noxzema shaver 4 ct BOGO $4.99
 – $2/1 from 07/10 RP insert
 = $.50 each

Scotch 5 scissors BOGO $1.99
 – $1/1 HERE

Publix ad 07/06-07/12

Publix has a few freebies/super deals this week! My favorite has to be the Welch’s fruit snacks because my kids have been wanting some fruit snacks!! Check out a full list of match-ups HERE, and the best deals below:

Wishbone salad dressing BOGO $2.65
 – $1/1 from Publix Smart Savings booklet
 = $.33 each

Welch’s fruit snacks BOGO $2.75
 – $.35/1 from 06/05 SS insert
 – $.50/1 HERE
 = as low as $.38 each

Yoplait Yoplus yogurt 4pk BOGO $2.99
 – $.50/1 from 06/19 SS insert
 = $.50 each

Land o Lakes margarine BOGO $2.49
 – $.50/1 from 05/15 SS insert (if included in sale)
 = $.25 each

Stouffer’s family size entrees (LOVE THEIR LASAGNA!) $3.99

Crest toothpaste $1
 – $1/1 from 06/05 PG insert (we got a $.75/1 coupon, which makes it $.25 each!)

Oral B indicator toothbrush 2/$3
 – $2/2 from 07/03 PG insert
 = $.50 each

Duracell batteries C or D 4 ct or 8-10 ct AA or AAA 25% off
 – $.50/1 from 07/03 PG insert
 = ? could be a pretty good deal!

$5/1 Similac Advance in-ad coupon

I Heart Publix preview ad 06/29-07/05

I Heart Publix had the sneak preview for the ad starting on 06/29! The best part: they have the $10 off of a $50 gas card coupon again, which means cheap gas!!! You have to spend at least $25 on groceries before coupons to use the coupon, so plan accordingly!

French’s Classic mustard BOGO $1.87
 – $.30/1from 05/15 or 06/19 SS insert
 – $.50/1 printable coupon HERE

Reynolds Aluminum foil BOGO $4.29
 – $1/1 from 05/15 SS insert
 = $1.15 each

A1 steak sauce BOGO $4.14
 – $1/1 from 06/05 SS insert
 = $1.07 each

Sabra hummus BOGO $3.99
 – $1/1 from 06/26 SS insert
 = $.98 each

Iams cat food 3.5-4 lb bag $5.99
 – FREE mail-in rebate HERE

Carefree pantiliners $1
 – $.50/1 from 03/27 or 06/26 SS insert
 – $1/1 from 05/08 SS insert

Ritz crackerfuls $2.50
 – $1.50/1 from 04/17 SS insert
 = $1

Playtex spill-proof cups 50% off
 – $1/1 from 05/22 SS insert
 – $1/1 Publix coupon from Publix Sweet Summer Savings booklet
 = ?

Go HERE to check out the full ad match-ups!

Failed attempts at greatness and Publix trip(s) 06/22

Speaking of being an ultra-couponing dropout, I have had a couple of failed attempts at greatness the past few days. I’ve been pretty busy lately and more than a little spacey, but I KNEW that my Rite Aid UP+ rewards didn’t expire till Sunday because they’ve always been for 3 full weeks before. Well, they weren’t. They expired the DAY BEFORE, and it wasn’t just a couple of dollars worth of rewards… it was a lot! I had spent most of the weekend in the hospital with my husband. I took him to the ER on Friday evening with some complications that looked like a serious problem. Anyway, my major mistake combined with my major stress equaled me bursting into tears in the middle of the store in front of the employees and my kids… humility is a hard thing to learn!

So, we all stumble and make mistakes. Just dust yourself off and keep going!

In the spirit of trying to keep going, today I powered through two attempts at a Publix trip, forgotten coupons, a diaper and a potty-training mishap, cranky baby, crawling under my car to pick up my cell phone pieces, and just general fun all around! I had to go home in between trips to get my coupons and I went back to be done with it! I did come out with a good ending, and I was able to get two penny items since I had to make two trips, so there’s the silver lining!

Here’s what I got:

Chicken legs (I asked the meat guy to split it into 5 packages to maximize the coupon savings) $5.64
 – $1/1 chicken when you buy Betty Crocker potatoes peelie (x5)
Betty Crocker potatoes (great for a soup thickener or potato pancakes!) BOGO $1.73 (x6)
 – $.50/2 peelie (doubled, x3)
Deli drink (mommy’s reward!) $1.19
Glad 75 count drawstring trashbags $11.79
 – $10 coupon (I emailed the company when my last box of trashbags kept breaking and they sent me this amazing coupon!)
Publix apple juice $2.69 (x2)
 – $2.68 coupon (x2)

Total before coupons/sales = $34.38
TOTAL AFTER = $5.83 or 83% savings

By breaking the chicken up into five different packages instead of the original two packages, I was able to maximize those $1/chicken coupons to get over 3 lbs of chicken for $.64 or about $.18 per pound instead of the original $1.79 per pound price.

I had planned on getting some more free Bayer, but they were completely out! I did get a raincheck to use the Publix coupon after it expires on Friday, so I can get a couple of boxes, but I was really hoping to stock up! I used my Glad coupon instead to get the biggest box of trashbags I could find and go over the $10 pre-coupon total to get the penny item.

All in all, I’m happy, especially since I got two bottles of apple juice for a penny each!!!

My out-of-pocket total for the week is now $13.99

Publix ad 06/22-06/28

I Heart Publix has the sneak peek to Wednesday’s ad! I don’t see a lot of appeal to me, but I’m sure that it has some great deals for other people! Any Duke’s mayo lovers will be happy because it’s BOGO!!

Go HERE to see the ad!

Publix trip 06/15

I’m a little behind this week with blogging about my trips because I’ve got two big projects in the works this week. In fact, I’m nodding off at the computer right now, so I’m going to make this quick.

No picture again, because I can’t find my new camera batteries and I can’t stand to spend half of my weekly budget right now on full-priced camera batteries, so I’m waiting it out! Since I have no working camera right now, I’m going to do the detailed list to get a better ‘picture’ of the trip.

I went to Publix on Wednesday to get their penny item (Nilla wafters!!!) and here’s what I got:

Bayer Advanced $3.49 x4
 – $2/1 Publix coupon (x4)
 – $2/1 from 06/12 SS insert (x2)
 – $1.50/1 printable (x2)
 = FREE plus $1.04 overage

Oscar Meyer bologna BOGO $2.99 (x2)

Crystal Light BOGO $3.91 (x4)
 – $1/1 from 06/12 SS insert (x4)
 = $.96 each

Combat ant killer $4.69
 – $3/1 Publix coupon
 – $1/1 blinkie
 = $.69

Publix nilla wafers $.01

Total before coupons/sales = $42.12
TOTAL AFTER = $6.47 or 85% savings

I spent $12 at Publix on Monday, then $6.47 on Wednesday, which brings my total so far this week to $18.47 out-of-pocket and 96% savings.