Friday Finals: Burning out!

I’ve been feeling pretty burnt-out lately with coupons. I think it’s mostly that I have so much else going on right now, and I’m just not feeling it! I don’t think I’ve been to a drugstore in about a month actually, and it’s not because of a lack of deals, because they’ve had some great deals! I feel pretty well-stocked, at least for my immediate family, and I am just… tired! Tired would probably be the best word for it!

I still hit up Publix, and occasionally another store, but mostly, I’ve been keeping to myself for the past few weeks to recharge!

So, this week I only went to Publix… and that’s it! I still hope to make it to CVS to get Revlon lipgloss for $.99 and to Walgreens to get a handful of back-to-school stuff ($2-3 tops), but that’s it! We’re eating from our stock, taking care of appointments, I’m focusing on cleaning the house, training my children, and a couple of my other projects, and it’s nice! It’s nice to have time to bake a triple batch of breakfast cookies, make some new activity bags, read a little bit of a book (GASP!), enjoy a baseball game with my family, and waste some time with friends! It’s also nice to have a laundry room that looks like this

(note the FOLDED and HUNG UP clothes in place of a foot deep pile on the floor that used to be there)

a bed that looks like this

and a kids room that looks clean and organized, though I won’t dare wake up the napping children to take a picture!

Don’t worry though, I still have this (from lunch),


and this

to take care of in the next few days! This weekend I’m going to focus on family time, yard work, and the last three photos I showed you! Couponing will wait! My sanity usually wins out and this week, it wants order and not couponing trophies, though I have a couple of those too!

Here’s a re-cap of my Publix trip(s):

Total before coupons/sales = $164.23
TOTAL AFTER = $17.81 or 89% savings

I have no picture because my 1-year-old started to break the eggs on his stomach before I could find my camera and I had to control the mess before it got out of hand!

So for this week, here’s to faith, family, priorities and avoiding burn-out!

Friday Finals: Price-Matching edition

Other than my price-matching produce at Wal-Mart,

Total before price-comp = $18.50

I did run to Publix twice to hit both sales weeks and got the following:

Trip #1

Lance Crackers x8
Wishbone salad dressing x7
Skippy peanut butter x3
Oscar Meyer bologna x2
Crisco Olive Oil x1
Campbell’s condensed soup x6
Quaker granola bars x6
Always x2
Tampax x1
Glue sticks x2
Elmer’s glue x6
Papermate pens x3
Publix american cheese x1
Powerade 8 pack x2

Total before coupons/sales = $130.42
TOTAL AFTER = $40.83 or 69% savings

I got a lot of snacks for school lunches and quite a few descent deals on school supplies

Trip #2 (not pictured because I can’t find the picture!!)

Bananas 4.79 lbs
Enteman’s donuts (treat!) x1
Card x1
Ronzoni x1
Barber stuffed chicken x2
Lysol all purpose cleaner x6
Del Monte veggies x4
Tombstone pizza x2
Valley Fresh canned chicken (chicken salad, my favorite!) x6
Smart Balance butter x1
Friendship sour cream x2

Total before coupons/sales = $81.85
TOTAL AFTER = $34.47 or 58% savings (you can tell I was exhausted and distracted during this trip! I got a lot more than I planned on getting, many without coupons, but all at least 50% off the regular price!)

Total for the week before price-matching/sales/coupons = $230.77
TOTAL AFTER = $83.61 or 64% savings!

8 lbs of meat, tons of produce, lots of staples and oodles of snacks for school lunches! I’m happy!

Friday Finals

I kept things easy this week, going to Publix, CVS, and Walgreens.


I made two trips because of prescription problems, so only one is pictured! I stocked up on Pop-Tarts, especially since I had Publix coupons as well as a couple of manufacturer’s coupons. I also stocked up on Go-Gurt, since it’s a major staple in our house. I also got 5 lbs of carrots, some sour dough bread fresh from the bakery, two frozen pizzas, and a couple of boxes of Little Debbies, some Cover Girl eye shadow, Always, Tampax, and some free scissors. Other than the bread, carrots, and yogurt, it wasn’t the healthiest of trips, but we were in need of replenishing our snack/convenience food stock.

Total before coupons/sales = $132.62
TOTAL AFTER = $44.94 or 66% savings

CVS and Walgreens were good trips! I got everything I wanted, so I’m thrilled!

At Walgreens I got Crest toothpaste, Gum flossers, W tampons, Scruncis, crayons, and Sharpies.

At CVS I got Crest toothpaste, Oral B floss, pens, U by Kotex, Bengay, and Renu contact solution.

Total cost before was = $52.50
Total after was $0 or 100% savings!

Total for the week before = $185.12
Total after = 76% savings!

My trips always end up looking odd, especially grocery store trips because I’m focusing on stocking up on the best deals, not buying what we need to eat every week. This week, it was mostly pop-tarts, yogurt, toothpaste, floss, and feminine products! It’s a different way of thinking, shopping 90% for stocking up and 10% for necessities, but it’s how you save the most!

I also transferred two prescriptions to Publix pharmacy, and used two prescription transfer coupons, so I left with $50 in gift cards as well that I’ll use the next couple of weeks.

Friday Finals: back into stockpiling!

Fresh off of the $25 Weekly Challenge, I’m glad to be back into the stockpiling stage of shopping because I scored some seriously great stockpile stuff this week!

First, I went to Kroger to get the $1.25 Wisk detergents and free eggs from a home-mailer coupon that was about to expire! I also got a snack for my husband and some frozen pizzas for lunches since we’ve been spending a lot of time at the hospital this week (don’t ask!):

Before coupons/sales = $41.45
Total after = $16.75 or 60% savings

Then, Bi-Lo to get free tea, free hot fudge and hot caramel, cheap paper towels and cheap yogurt and deli meat:

Total before coupons/sales = $38.63
Total after = $7.95 or 80% savings

Then Publix for $.15 Splenda, $.30 snacks, free scissors, almost free cereal, and super-cheap everything else!!!

Before coupons/sales/rebate = $123.68
Total after = $7.11 or 94% savings

And back to Publix because I left some coupons at home to get more stock-up stuff!

Did you know that Publix welcomes special orders if you want a lot of any one item?!

Total before coupons/sales/rebate = $77.29
Total after = $24.71 or 68% savings

Which brings my totals for the week to the following:

TOTAL AFTER = $56.52 or 80% savings!

This week was a little odd again (isn’t every week?) with a ton of cereal, chocolate syrup, snacks, and frozen pizzas, but I also got Splenda, bananas, laundry detergent, paper towels, lunch meat, yogurt, coffee, tea, and cleaner. And we have been eating a lot of zucchini from our garden and cucumbers from a friend’s garden! Also, it’s been a stressful week, so I’ve been needing a lot of my therapy (ie, couponing!) to destress. Couponing really is a way that I release stress, because I really enjoy doing it! It’s fun for me and it’s something that I feel I’m pretty good at!

Friday Finals: Week 3 of the $25 challenge!

Well, it’s week 3 of my $25 out-of-pocket weekly challenge and I’m still making it!!! It’s still taking some work and planning, and some restraint (!), but so far, so good!

Here’s what I got:


Chicken, Betty Crocker potatoes, drink, Glad trashbags, apple juice

Total before coupons/sales = $34.38
Total after = $5.19 or 83% savings


I price matched a couple of items and picked up a few freebies and almost-freebies as well as some milk!

BBQ sauce, razors, oatmeal, toothpaste, eggs, grapes and milk

Total before coupons/sales = $41.45
Total after = $8.16 or 80% savings


Hershey Air delight $1.19 (x2)
 – FREE coupon (x2)
Colgate 250 toothbrush $2.79
 – $2 ECB
 – $1/1 coupon
Powerbar Protein $2.49
 – $2.49 ECB
LA Looks gel $2.99
 – $2 ECB
 – $1/1 coupon
Hershey’s Bliss $5.99
 – $1/1
 – $5.99 ECB

Total before coupons/sales = $20.44
Total after = FREE plus $1.21 profit or 106% savings and I spent nothing out of pocket!

Which brings my totals for the week to:

Total weekly before coupons/sales = $96.27
TOTAL WEEKLY AFTER = $12.14 or 87% savings!

I am still planning on going to Bi-Lo, and that may or may not happen before next week starts, but, if it does, I’ll add it to next week’s!

Friday Finals: Week 2 of $25 per week spending challenge!

Well, it’s Friday again (Thank you Jesus!), and I’m done with week 2 of my $25 weekly spending challenge! I started out the week with an extra $5, because I only spent $20 last week. So, I had $30 to spend! Let’s recap the week:

Sunday, I went to CVS and Walgreens. I saved 102% at CVS and 68% at Walgreens, spending $.49 and $4.55 out-of-pocket, respectively.

I also went to Publix. Again, I saved 102% (must be my lucky number this week), and spent $12 out-of-pocket.

Wednesday, I went to Publix again to get the penny item and saved 85%, spending $6.47 out-of-pocket.

I also had to make a quick stop sometime (I forget what day now!) this week to get a gallon of milk, which cost $3.08 out-of-pocket.


My grand totals for the week are as follows:

Total before coupons/sales = $198.58
Total after coupons/sales = $16.29 or 92% savings

My total out-of-pocket was $26.59!!! I had $30 to spend ($25 for this week and $5 left over from last week’s budget), so I did it! This week was much harder than last week because I needed to spend $50 total and $25 (all before coupns) in Conagra products at Publix to qualify for a rebate! Although last week and this week I had some help with free gift cards that I got for transferring some prescriptions, and I don’t think I’ll be able to get any more for the next two weeks, so maybe the hardest part is yet to come. We’ll see!

Keep reading to see how I do the next couple of weeks with this $25 out-of-pocket challenge. I’ll also be starting the All You grocery challenge next week, so that’ll be another fun challenge!

Friday Finals – $25 limit edition

In order to eat up some of the great stock-piled food I’ve accumulated and to save up for a big outdoor item, I have challenged myself to spend only $25 per week out-of-pocket for the next few weeks. This was the first week, and, I have to say, it was a little hard! I really had to keep this goal in mind as I was planning my trips and work hard to not let my out-of-pocket get away from me!

Here’s how I did:

I went to CVS and Walgreens and spent $1 out of pocket (having an overall savings of 104% and a profit of $3.23 for $76.07 of items).

Then I went to Publix and to Kroger (twice because the prescription wasn’t ready the first time). At Publix and at Kroger, I transferred one of my husband’s prescriptions, using a coupon, to get a $25 gift card at Publix, and a $25 CREDIT at Kroger. I had to use the Kroger credit immediately (see post for why), so I got some items that were at their lowest and necessities for us.


There was no out-of-pocket cost (because of the gift card from the prescription transfer).


The first trip, I spent $12, getting a gallon of milk, 2 dozen eggs, a bag of fresh peaches, and grape jelly. I used my $25 credit in the second trip (had to use it immediately) and got two 12-packs of Kroger-brand cola (for my husband’s office), two big containers of non-dairy creamer, a huge bag of carrots for the guinea pig, a bag of marked-down bread for french toast, some baking powder, a bag of tater tots and 5 lbs of hamburger meat for my son’s birthday party this weekend. I spent $7 out-of-pocket.

My total spent for the week (due to the free gift cards) was $20. I have $5 left over to spend next week, plus my $25 weekly amount.

I’m sorry that I don’t have more pictures, but we have some little out of town guests (my niece and nephew) and we’ve been doing a lot of kid stuff in the past few days!

Friday Finals

It’s Friday and I’m VERY excited about my totals this week. I am pretty well stocked up on most things, so, starting next week, I’ll be challenging my family to eat from our pantry/freezer. I’ll post more about that later, but, first, my finals:

First, I went to CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid on Sunday!

Total for those trips was:
 Total before coupons/sales = $186.07
TOTAL AFTER = $7.03 or 96% savings

Then, I went to Publix and Bi-Lo on Monday (without kiddos)!

Bi-Lo total was:
Total before coupons/sales = $92.26
TOTAL AFTER = $15.49 or 83% savings
Publix total was:
Total before coupons/sales/rainchecks = $224.86
TOTAL AFTER = $31.02 or 86% savings
Lastly, I went to Publix again on Wednesday, with the start of the new ad, to get the penny item! I don’t usually go to Publix twice in one week, but I wanted to get that penny item this time!
My totals were:
Total before coupons/savings = $72.71
TOTAL AFTER = $2.37 or 97% savings
So, my total before coupons/sales for then entire week’s shopping trips = $575.90
My total AFTER all the coupons, sales and rainchecks = $55.91 or 90% total savings for the week!

Quick Take Friday Finals

I’ve been in and out of town again (*sighs*) this week, so I haven’t been keeping track of my quick store trips! I did get a few nice little deals:

Pictured you’ll see:
6 bottles of nail polish from CVS for FREE plus $1 overage each
4 packages of BIC razors (rain check) from Publix for FREE plus $.25 overage each
4 packages of Carefree pads from Wal-Mart for FREE
1 box of Nexcare bandages from Wal-Mart for FREE
5 flyswatters from Wal-Mart for FREE
1 box of Gain fabric softener from Wal-Mart for $.87
2 cans of peaches from Wal-Mart for $.83 each

not pictured:
1 package of gum at CVS for FREE
4 Revlon nail clippers from Walgreens for FREE plus overage
1 Revlon nail file from Walgreens for FREE plus overage
3 Carefree liners from Walgreens for FREE plus overage
1 bottle of 50 ct Advil from Walgreens for $.48
1 box of Thermacare from Walgreens for $.48
1 Gilette Fusion razor from Walgreens for $.89

I also got a few actual groceries: wine, hotdogs, Coke Zero, bananas, necessities really!

So, even without exact postings, I’m able to estimate my totals as…

Total before coupons/ad matches/sales: $133
TOTAL AFTER: $8 or about 94% savings! Now, I have a Publix trip and a Bi-Lo trip planned for the beginning of the week that will include a lot of food-type items, so this percentage won’t stay, but it’s pretty while it lasts!

Friday Finals: 81% Savings

Veggies, cheese, snacks, milk, sugar, eggs, soap… Other than meat and pasta (of which I have plenty!), I got pretty much everything else that we consume in a given week and I went to five stores! *whew*

I did three trips total, one Sunday afternoon, one Monday night, and one Tuesday during the day, going to CVS, Walgreens, Bi-Lo, Publix and Kroger. The one Tuesday was just Bi-Lo, where I didn’t get very many items, but it took just as long as either one of the other trips because I had the kids with me! Each actual trip didn’t take too long because I was in and out, and I knew what I was getting and I’d gathered all my coupons before I got there. Planning is very important to saving time!

Here’s what I got:

CVS (no picture, sorry!)

I didn’t post about CVS, so here’s what I got really quickly:

Pas Easter Egg Coloring kit $1.99, – $1.99 ECB = FREE
Easter Grass $.99, – $.99 ECB = FREE
Green Bag Tag $.99 (x2), – $.99 ECB (x2) = FREE
Russell Stover egg $.79, – $.79 ECB

Total before sales/ECBs = $5.75
TOTAL AFTER = $0 or 100% savings


Total before sales/coupons = $59.76
TOTAL AFTER = $4.32 or 93% savings

Total before coupons/sales = $36.28
TOTAL AFTER = $19.30 or 47% savings


Total before coupons/sales = $110.84
TOTAL AFTER = $15.15 or 86% savings


Total before coupons = $30.34
TOTAL AFTER = $7.64 or 75% savings