Sunday Sales:

Kroger is having the second week of the mega event sale, so almost all of the sales will be the same as they were last week. This could be good if you missed out on anything you wanted last week, or bad if you (like me) didn’t find much appealing in the sale! Go HERE to check out the full match-ups!

CVS has one great freebie (Crest toothbrushes!) and a few cheapies. One that I wasn’t planning on getting, but was glad to see was a small bottle of Gilette Fusion shave cream for $2.19. You’ll get $2 in ECB back, making it only $.19! Go HERE for the best deals!

Walgreens has one GREAT deal that I was super-pumped to get! My husband is picky about what kind of soap he uses (he’s not a bodywash guy unfortunately because bodywash is easy to get for free!!!), and he was getting low, so I’m excited to get some Dove Men+Care soap for FREE!!!! They also have a pretty nice deal on diapers if you need some, so check that out!

Rite Aid has a few nice money-makers that I’m tempted to jump on! My problem has been keeping up with all of the different stores’ reward papers, but I’ve read that you can turn around and buy a Rite Aid gift card with their UP+ rewards! I may have to try it!

CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid deals 06/26-07/02

I am feeling really un-inspired by the drugstore deals this week. It could be just me because I’ve been so busy and tired lately. However, all sales have their ups and downs and I think that with all the amazing deals the past few weeks, what goes up must come down. There are still a few deals to be had, and bucks to be spent if you’ve been getting the other deals the past few weeks, so here are the best ones I see:


Rephresh tampons $6.79
 – $6.79 ECB
 – $1/1 printable coupon HERE
 = FREE plus $1 profit

There’s also a Dove deal going on that could be good, but I’ve heard online that the prices aren’t what they’re listed as in the ad and the ECBs aren’t printing. Maybe they’ll fix it?!


Johnson and Johnson baby products $3
 – $1 RR wyb 2
 – $1/1 HERE or HERE or HERE
 – $2/2 HERE or HERE
 = $1.50 each

Renew Life Ultimate Probiotic $20
 – $20 mail-in rebate
 – $2/1 printable coupon HERE
 = FREE plus $2 after rebate

Mycocide antifungal treatment $9.99
 – $9.99 mail-in rebate
 – $3/1 printable HERE
 = FREE plus $3 after rebate

Pro clearz antifungal pen $4.99
 – $4.99 mail-in rebate
 = FREE after rebate

Mueller kinesiology tape $6.99
 – $6.99 mail-in rebate
 = FREE after rebate

Rite Aid

Crest whitening plus or Oral B toothbrush $2.69
 – $2.69 UP+ (limit 2)

Excedrin $1.99
 – $1 UP+ (limit 2)
 – $1/1 printable coupon HERE
 – $1/1 Rite Aid coupon HERE
 = FREE plus overage

CVS deals 06/19-06/25

CVS, once again, bringing quite a few freebies! The ad starts on Sunday, but if you don’t get by till later in the week, and the deals are gone, don’t forget to ask for your raincheck! It never expires, and it includes the ECBs, so you won’t miss out!

Hershey’s Bliss $5.99
 – $5.99 ECB (limit 1)
 – $1/1 from 05/01 SS insert
 = FREE plus profit

G-U-M PerioBalance lozenges $15.99
 – $15.99 ECB (limit 1)

Powerbar Energy or Protein bites $2.49
 – BOGO 05/01 SS insert or Simple Summer Pleasures booklet
 – $2.49 ECB (limit 1)
 = 2 FREE

Colgate Total gum defense, advanced, max or enamel strength or 360 toothbrush $2.79
 – $2 ECB (limit 2)
 – $1/1 from May or July All You or Get more from your pharmacy booklet
 – $.75/1 from 06/05 SS insert

Revlon nail polish $4.99
 – $3 ECB (limit 6)
 – $1/1 from 04/10 SS
 = $.99 each

LA Looks hair gel $2.99
 – $2 ECB (limit 1)
 – $1/1 from 05/15 SS insert

Irish Spring deodorant or bodywash $2.99
 – $2 ECB (limit 1)

Scotch tape BOGO starting at $1.99
 – $1/1 printable HERE
 = as low as free

CVS and Walgreens this week

I went to CVS and Walgreens on Sunday (again, I’m so late in posting due to lack of a working camera and lack of sleep!) I haven’t had much luck the last two weeks in finding the best deals at Walgreens, so I had quite a few register rewards in my possession that were expiring. Usually, I try to use the RRs each week to get items that generate new RRs and not have to worry about them expiring, but my Walgreens has been completely out of the best deals by Sunday afternoon, so I had to burn some rewards or lose them! I used them on something that is hard to get a great deal on, and even without using the rewards, it was a pretty good deal. Here’s what I got:


Wal-Fex allergy medicine $3.99
 – $4 RR
Bayer advanced asprin $3.00
 – $2/1 coupon
 – $2 RR
Colgate toothbrush $2.99
 – $1/1 coupon
 – $2 RR
Sparkle 6 double roll paper towels (using my rewards!) $5.50 (x3)
 – $4 RR wyb $15 worth
Spree $.39 (x2)

Total before sales/coupons = $38.70
TOTAL AFTER  = $12.28 or 68% savings.

Because I used register rewards to pay for it all, my total out-of-pocket was only $4.55. The paper towels weren’t the deal of the year, but it’s something that is hard to find with a good sale or good coupons, and it’s something that we use. I normally shoot for no more than $.50 per roll, and these came out to be $.68 for a DOUBLE roll, so it was pretty good! Considering most of the bucks that I used were profit (from the free plus profit items the past few weeks), it wasn’t a bad deal at all!

CVS was the best of the trips once again!

Here’s what I got:

Motrin PM $4.00 (x2)
 – $1/1 coupon (x2)
 – $3 ECB (x2)
Zyrtec $5.99
 – $2/1 coupon
 – $6 ECB
Bayer Advanced $3.00
 – $2/1 coupon
 – $1 ECB
Papers $1.50 (x3)

 – $3/$10 First aid items printed form the coupon center (it worked with the painkillers!)

Total before sales/coupons = $27.96
TOTAL AFTER = FREE plus $.50 profit or 102% savings

My overage from the Zyrtec and the $3/$10 first aid items paid for my papers and then some!

I also paid only $.49 out-of-pocket!

Check Friday Finals to see how I made out this week in my $25 per week spending goal!

CVS and Walgreens trips 06/05 = 104% savings!

I planned on running out before church this morning, but it didn’t happen! So, I waited till naptime and left to do my drugstore deals then. Unfortunately by then Walgreens had been completely wiped out of just about everything that was free or close to it. Early bird gets the worm right?

I did get a couple of freebies, and CVS had everything (of course!) on my list and I had a GREAT trip!

First, Walgreens:

1 Reach toothbrush
1 Reach floss
1 bottle SoBe water
1 laffy taffy (not pictured)

Total before sales/coupons/RRs = $10.07
TOTAL AFTER = FREE plus $.30 profit

I spent $1 out of pocket because I didn’t have the exact dollar amount of RRs to completely pay for it, plus you always have to pay tax on items.


3 Sunday papers (my favorite guy on the corner to buy papers from was out by the time I got there this afternoon, so I had to pay full price in the store!)
2 bottles Crest Pro-Health mouthwash
2 OralB Pulsar toothbrushes
2 Colgate 360 toothbrushes
1 box John Freida foam haircolor
1 package Huggies diapers
2 boxes Excedrin

Total before coupons/sales/ECBs = $66.00
TOTAL AFTER = FREE plus $2.93 profit!

I spent nothing out-of-pocket because I used ECBs that I’d earned the past couple of weeks to pay for most of it and I paid for the rest with a gift card from prescription transfers (they take competitor’s prescription coupons!).

There were a few things that made my CVS trip so great. First is a $5/$30 purchase CVS coupon that you can get via email when you sign your email up with your Extra Care Card. The other thing was the John Freida hair color. I’d gotten a coupon in the mail to get one of these for FREE, plus CVS had a $3 ECB promo going, plus I’d gotten a $3/1 CVS coupon on my last reciept, so it was a $6 money-maker! It pays to hang on to those high-value coupons for something like this!

Total for both stores before everything = $76.07
TOTAL AFTER EVERYTHING = FREE plus $3.23 profit or 104% savings!

I’m also keeping track of my out-of-pocket spending, since I’m trying to keep that under $25 for the entire week for all my shopping! So, my out-of-pocket spending for the week so far is $1! I still have $24 left to go to Publix, Bi-Lo and Kroger with!

CVS deals 06/05-06/11

CVS has some more great deals! Don’t forget that you can get a raincheck at CVS if they’re out of anything and the rain check is good for the ECBs too, and it never expires!!! Here are the best deals:

Excedrin extra strength, pm, or migraine $.99
 – $.99 ECB (limit 2)

Oral B Pulsar toothbrush $6
 – $3 ECB (limit 2)
 – $3/1 from 06/05 PG insert
 = FREE (also free at Rite Aid this week)

Colgate maxclean/maxfresh/maxwhite toothpaste or 360 toothbrush $2.79
 – $2 ECB (limit 2)
 – $1/1 from May All You magazine or Get More From Your Pharmacy booklet
 – $.75/1 from 06/05 SS insert
 = as low as FREE

Crest Pro-Health mouthwash $4.50
 – $2.50 ECB
 – $2/1 from 06/05 PG insert

Huggies, Pull-ups or Goodnites jumbo pack $8.99
 – $2 ECB
 – $2.50/1, $2/1 or $1.50/1 from 05/15 SS insert
 = as low as $4.50 each

Ban deodorant $2.99
 – $2 ECB
 – .75/1 from 06/05 SS insert
 = $.24

CVS 101

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any kind of an introduction to any of the stores, so I thought I’d start with CVS, which is my favorite drug store!

First, CVS does not double coupons, none of the drug stores do in fact. Because of this, it’s not always a great place to get food items, but it’s a GREAT place to get health and beauty items for free!

Each drugstore has a program, and CVS calls it’s program Extra Care. You have an Extra Care Card that is only yours, and your purchases can generate Extra Care Bucks (ECBs). The thing about drug stores is that you can get some amazing deals (I haven’t paid for toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, etc in years now!) but you do have an itnitial out-of-pocket expense. The items are usually free AFTER ECBs, which means you pay for the item upfront, and then get a slip of paper ‘bucks’ good for your next purchase. After a couple of weeks, your out-of-pocket (OOP) expense will be minimal, because you use the bucks you earned the week before on this week’s buck-earning items.

Now, each week, CVS has certain items that generate ECBs when you purchase them and they’re advertised in the weekly ad. Sometimes these are good deals, and sometimes they aren’t. The best deals are the items that are free after ECBs, especially if you can use a coupon in addition to make it a money-maker!

For example:

Starting 04/24/11, CVS has Blink Tears eye drops on sale for $7.99. You will also get $7.99 in ECBs when you buy it, so, it’s free basically, after the initial out-of-pocket.

BUT… a few weeks ago, there was a coupon for Blink Tears in the Sunday paper for $1 off. So this is a money-maker item. You can use coupons on any item, even the ones that generate the bucks. You’ll spend $6.99 for the drops, and get $7.99 back after your purchase. Again, you have an initial oop, but doing this for a while, it’s much less. I’ll be getting this using some of my ECBs that I earned this week, so I’ll only pay $1-$2 OOP and get the $7.99 ECB back.

Now, these bucks have an expiration date, but it’s been my experience from talking with the staff that they’ll take them, even if they’ve expired, up to a month after, so you have some grace with that! You also can use them only on pre-tax totals. They can’t be applied to tax, and you can’t use them to buy alcohol, gift cards, etc. The limitations are printed at the bottom of the bucks.

CVS is great because they also have a few other perks to their program. The coupon scanner machine prints out coupons every day when you scan your card. Sometimes it’s nothing special, but a lot of those coupons have gotten me some free stuff when you pair it up right.

They also frequently email you $ off of a $ purchase coupons when you sign up with your email address. These are a GREAT way to score some overage or use that money towards a higher priced item. You need to hit your target price BEFORE coupons, but you don’t have to after coupons, so you can use ‘free’ items to maximize your savings.

For example, you can use freebie items (like the eye drops I mentioned above) to hit the target price (ie $3 off of a $15 purchase, $15 being the target price in order to get the additional $3 off). Then you could throw in a few free-after-coupon deodorants (Dove Men+ deodorant starting Sunday!), and now your total is $12! If you buy anything that’s $3, you’ll get it for free because you’ll be using the $3 off of your $15 purchase coupon. You could get some single roll paper towels, a couple bottles of shampoo, Easter candy, or anything you need really! You could also get something more expensive, and basically have a $3 coupon towards it.

Probably my favorite thing about CVS is their prescription coupon policy! If you get prescriptions (and who doesn’t get one every once in a while at least?) you can use competitor’s prescription coupons at CVS! Target and Kmart are FREQUENTLY publishing prescription coupons in their ads. Usually it’s either $25 for a transferred prescription or $10 for a new or transferred prescription. Now, you can play the transferring game, which is transferring prescriptions from one pharmacy to the other to use the coupons (it’s very time-consuming and they pharmacy techs don’t like you very much for it) or you can just use the $10 gift card coupons for a new prescription. I keep them in my purse and car for an unexpected round of antibiotics. With five people, it happens every couple of months, and I’m able to pay, literally, nothing out of pocket for all my CVS purchases when I roll my bucks and use my gift cards for the balance. It’s an intermediate couponing strategy, but not as complicated as it seems!

One more thing, if you go to CVS and find that they’re completely out of something that you wanted to get (ie a money-maker or free after ECB item), you can get a raincheck and they never expire! NEVER! It was a glorious day when I learned of this little tidbit! That meant not running from store to store trying to find this really hot deal before the week’s sale changed! I could just get a raincheck and get it in a week or two (or 12) when they restocked! They even raincheck the ECBs that generate from an item’s sale, which is different than the other drugstores. Trust me when I say this is a big perk!

It’s a lot of information, but it’s really not too complicated once you start doing it! Any questions?

My CVS trip this week

Well, I got some bad news today in that my husband’s new medication is not covered by insurance, so I’ll be calling the doctor in the morning and trying to change some things. Either way, I’ll be making yet another trip to the pharmacy sometime this week. I did do my couponing, so the trip was not wasted! Here’s what I got:

Charmin 12 ct $5.49 (x3)
– $1/1 coupon from mailer
– $.25/1 coupon (x2)
Bounty 8 ct $5.99 (x3)
– $10 ECB wyb $30 worth of above
Crest Pro Health mouthwash $3.49 (x2)
– $1/1 coupon (x2)
– $2.50 ECB (x2)
Oral B Advanced toothbrush $2.99 (x2)
– BOGO coupon
– $2/1 coupon
– $1.98 ECB
Gum floss pics $2 (x2)
– $2 ECB (x2)

– $5/$25 purchase coupon
– $10.50 ECB for last quarter’s purchases (FREE MONEY!)

Total before coupons/sales = $76.58
TOTAL AFTER COUPONS/SALES = $6.43 or 92% savings!

I think I may have to store some of those paper products under my bed, but that is an AMAZING deal that I couldn’t pass up! Did anyone else get some of the great deals at CVS this week?

CVS deals 12/12/10-12/18/10

This seems to be a slow week all around, but CVS has a couple of good deals.

Crest Pro Health Toothpaste, Mouthwash, or Dental Floss $2.99
-$2 ECB
-$.75/1 from 11/28 PG insert
=$.24 each (limit 2)

Russell Stover Chocolates $4.99
-$1/1 CVS coupon from the coupon scanner
-$1/1 coupon from 12/12 SS insert
=$2.99 (which is good for a box of chocolates!)

CVS this week and being gracious

That’s 24 rolls of paper towels!

First, I’ll spell out my CVS trip:

Bounty 12 ct mega roll $13 (x2)
-$10 ECB wyb 2
-$.50/1 coupon (x2)
Fall pumpkin decoration $4.99
-$5 off Halloween decorations coupon
-$5/$30 purchase coupon
=$10 (or $.41 per roll or 68% savings

Now, it didn’t go very smoothly. First, I took my kids with me. I fed them McDonald’s first, which I thought would be enough to attempt a trip to CVS (where the carts are too small to put them all in and therefore confine them,) but it wasn’t. Mark broke down while I was checking out, which added to the drama.

Second, the computer didn’t like any of the coupons I used. I was using ECBs to pay for it, as well as the coupons that I mentioned above. It said the $5/$30 purchase coupon wasn’t for my card, it wouldn’t accept the Halloween decor coupon at all, and it didn’t recognize my ECBs as valid upcs.

Well my cashier (who is one of my favorite cashiers at my favorite CVS) was sweet and understanding and pushed them through saying that the computer had been acting oddly all day, BUT she needed a manager to approve it. Here’s where it all went badly.

The manager, who I’ve dealt with before, said that he wasn’t supposed to take the ECBs because they were expired, although he’s the same manager who told me in the past that they take them regardless of the expiration date listed, but he would do it this once. Then he said that I couldn’t use the $5/$30 coupon because it says not to use with any other dollar amount off of another dollar amount coupon (ie $3 off of a $15 purchase) and the $5 off of any Halloween decor item counted as such. I think he was really reaching on that one, because it was clearly not a $ off of a $ purchase coupon, but oh well. I held my tongue and decided to accept it. I asked if I could buy the pumpkin in another transaction.

Well, he said that if I did that, my total wouldn’t make the $30 amount to use the $5 off of a $30 purchase (my total, including a drink for the kids, would only be $27,) and he was right. So I said, nicely and politely while trying to stop my child from screaming and throwing all the gum on the ground, that I would just forget about the paper towels and get the drink since we had already opened it.

He said that he was just trying to play by the rules, and I said that I am as well. I don’t want to do anything that isn’t allowed, but the only reason that I was getting the paper towels was that the coupons made it under my target price for buying paper towels, and if I couldn’t use them, it wasn’t worth it to buy them. I wasn’t mad, I just didn’t want to buy them because they weren’t the price I had planned on.

The manager stopped and just stood there for a little bit and finally told the cashier to do the whole thing, taking all the coupons, just this once because he just wanted to move things along and get me out of there (insert slight attitude here.)

Now, about six months ago, I probably would have said something because I wasn’t too thrilled with the attitude he was expressing with that last sentence, especially since I was working so hard to control my emotions (and my tongue) and there was literally no other customer to be found that my taking so long could have bothered, but I said thank you, and that I appreciated what he did.

I don’t think he was exactly following CVS’ coupon policy (which I will be calling corporate to seek clarification,) he was contradicting himself (from a prior conversation about taking expired ECBs,) and the attitude from the end of the interaction was less than desirable, but I was willing to let the deal go, and I said thank you for his help. I would have done the same even if he wouldn’t ‘let me’ do it.

I’m writing this because I’ve seen similar situations go much differently, in fact, I’ve BEEN THAT woman before, I’m ashamed to say. I have been the woman who can’t control her rising anger over a coupon injustice. I am glad to say that I’ve never thrown anything or raised my voice, but that’s about all I can say. That, and the times I have lost it have been few and far between, thank you Jesus.

I think it’s important to remember that, even if something doesn’t happen the way we thought it would, or even the way it should have according to the rules, we can still be gracious.

All week long, my kids follow me on shopping trips, to the gym to work-out, and on errands, and all week long, they hear me say thank you to all of the people who do things for me, from the person who holds the door open for us, to the voice from the drive-through speaker. Lately, they’ve been asking (over and over again) why I say thank you. I tell them that I say thank you because someone’s doing something for us, and we should ALWAYS tell them thank you.

I want my children to learn to treat others with respect, which means that they have to see me doing the same thing, even when things don’t go my way. It’s ok to make a point and correct someone, but it’s NOT ok to be cruel.