Bi-Lo and Publix sales!

Bi-Lo has a new coupon policy stating that they will accept competitor’s coupons! I’m sure that, in the weeks to come, they’ll more clearly lay it out, but I’m excited to see how this changes things!! I may have to be going to Bi-Lo a lot more often!

Publix has a new ad out today, and there are a few nice little items. I went this evening and got very few food items, but still had a good trip! It’s nice to stock-up on other items too sometimes!

Bi-Lo 07/13-07/19

Bi-Lo’s new ad starts today. I’m not too excited, but there are a few good deals:

Bounty Basic paper towel (single roll) BOGO $1.45
 – $.25/1 from 06/05 and 07/03 PG insert
 = $.23 each

Johnsonville ground italian sausage BOGO $3.99
 – $1/1 HERE
 = $.99 each

Johnsonville chicken sausage links BOGO $3.99
 – $1/1 from 06/19 SS
 = $.99 each
Smucker’s Magic Shell topping BOGO $2.29
 – $.55/1 from 05/15 RP insert
 = $.05 each

Carolina Pride bacon $2.99
 – $.50/1 from 06/19 SS insert
 = $1.99 each

Bi-Lo ad 07/06-07/12

Bi-Lo has quite a few great deals in this week’s ad! You can see a full ad match-up HERE. These are the best deals that I see for this week:

Southern Home fruity pops, fudge or orange cream bars BOGO $3.39 (pretty good price!)

Meow Mix dry cat food 3-4 lbs BOGO $5.65
 – $1/1 from 06/19 RP
 = $1.83 each

Tetley Family Size tea bags BOGO $2.19
 – $.50/1 from July All You magazine, or HERE
 = $.10 each

Smuckers spoonable ice cream toppings BOGO $2.19
 – $.55/1 from 05/15 RP insert

Lance Cracker Creations $2
 – $1/1 from 06/05 SS insert or HERE
 = $1 each

Yoplait Kids, Trix, Splitz or GoGurt yogurt $2 (my kids’ favorite!)
 – $.50/1 HERE
 – $.75/2 from 06/19 SS or HERE
 = as low as $1 each

Bi-Lo trip

You may have noticed that I haven’t bought much meat for the past few weeks in my $25 Weekly Challenge, and that’s because I don’t buy meat, in general, on a weekly basis. I buy it when it’s the best price, stock up, and freeze it for later! So, I promise we’ve been eating meat the past few weeks, it’s just been pulled from my big freezer!!

Well, this week is much different! I bought 30 lbs of meat at Bi-Lo this week! I’ve been under my $25 for the past two weeks, so I’m hoping that I didn’t go over because of this, but I had to get it for this amazing price!

Here’s what I got:

Carolina Pride smoked sausage (polska kielbasa is our favorite!) BOGO $3.99 (x23 in two different trips)
 – $.50/1 coupon (doubled, x23) = $.99 each
Carolina Pride mild breakfast sausage BOGO $3.49 (x7)
 – $.50/1 coupon (doubled, x7) = $.74 each
KC Masterpiece bbq sauce BOGO $2.15 (x1)
 – $1/1 (x1) = $.08
Clearance bag of bananas (about 8 lbs) $1.50
Clearance bag of onions (about 5 lbs) $1.50
Milk $3.08
Southern Home foam plates BOGO $2.28 (x3)

Total before savings = $139.79
TOTAL AFTER = $37.65 or 73% savings

I also got a raincheck for more breakfast sausage because they only had a few at each store. Now, this is more than $25 for my weekly out-of-pocket, but, like I said, I was under for the past couple of weeks, so I’ll re-calculate it all and we’ll see how I come out on the Friday Finals! Either way, I had to stock up on this meat because it’s absolutely rock-bottom pricing (less than $1 per pound!) and sausage is a meat that my husband loves!!

Disclaimer: I didn’t wipe the store out, I went to two different stores, and I assure everyone that I left tons of smoked sausage for everyone else! I did, however, take the last 3 and 4 rolls of breakfast sausage, but I don’t think that’s extreme!

Bi-Lo ad 06/22-06/28

Bi-Lo starts their new ad tomorrow and I am VERY excited about a couple of deals:

Carolina Pride smoked sausage BOGO $3.99
 – $.50/1 from 06/19 SS insert (doubled!)
 = $.98 each

Carolina Pride pork roll sausage BOGO $3.49
 – $.50/1 from 06/19 SS insert (doubled!)
 = $.74 each

KC Masterpiece bbq BOGO $2.15
 – $1/1 from 05/15 SS insert
 = $.07 each

Those are great stock-up prices, so be prepared to get a rain check if you go later in the sale!!

Bi-Lo ad 06/15-06/21

Bi-Lo starts it’s new ad today! There are a few great deals, especially cleaning supplies.

Check it out HERE!

Bi-Lo and Publix match-ups 06/08-06/14

Bi-Lo and Publix start their new ads today. They both have a few great deals! I’ve also heard a rumor that the Bi-Lo ad was printed with a typo saying that they double coupons up to $.99 (which they DON’T) and that Bi-Lo is supposed to be honoring that typo. Now, they certainly don’t have to do it, and I wouldn’t expect them to do it, but it’s worth asking!


Ball Park BOGO $3.69
 – $1/2 from 06/05 RP insert
 – $.75/2 from 06/05 RP insert
 = $1.34 each

Wish-Bone salad dressing $2.99
 – $1/1 from 05/22 RP insert
 = $.49 each

Ragu 45 oz spaghetti sauce BOGO $3.29
 – $.75/2 from 05/22 RP insert
 – $.60/2 from 05/22 RP insert
 = $1.04 each

Smart Balance Milk BOGO $3.99
 – $1.50/1 from 05/08 and 06/05 SS inserts
 = $.49 each (YES!!!!! Lactose Free milk!!!)

Lance Cracker Creations $2
 – $1/1 from 06/05 SS insert
 = $1 each

I blogged about the Publix deals a couple of days ago, so here’s the link to those.

Bi-Lo deals 04/20-04/26

Bi-Lo has a new ad starting today! Honestly, it doesn’t seem to have much, but I am tempted to go just to get more of that $.99 sugar! If I do go, I’ll also be scoring some free McCormick gravy mixes (thanks to the awesome Publix coupon booklet that scored me those amazingly cheap frozen veggies and cake mixes!)!

Go HERE to check out the deals!

A Quick Bi-Lo Trip

I did a quick Bi-Lo trip for some free soap and cheap plates and sugar!

Southern Home foam plates BOGO $2.18 (x5)
(I know, 100% not environmentally safe! I completely realize that and actually thought about not posting this trip, but, again, I try to live in reality, and this is our reality with a broken dishwasher and extremely busy schedules!)
Olay 2 pk bar soap $1.99 (x4)
– $2/1 coupon (x4) =FREE
Dixie sugar $1.99 (x2)
– $.50/1 coupon (x2, doubled)

Total before coupons/sales = $30.34
TOTAL AFTER = $7.64 or 75% savings

Kroger, Publix, Wal-Mart, and Bi-Lo = AWESOME!

Oh man, this was one of those awesome weeks that I love to have. I went to Kroger, Publix, Wal-Mart and Bi-Lo this week (WOW!) and it was awesome! I only remembered to take a picture of today’s Wal-Mart and Bi-Lo trips (minus the turkeys, which are in my big freezer). Here’s what I got this week:


Kroger milk $1.98
Pillsbury Pie Crusts (x8) $2.50
-$1/2 coupon (x4)
-$4/4 instant savings (x2)
Pork loin $1.79/lb (about $6.50)
Eggplant $1
Suave deodorant $.88 (x2)
-$0.50/1 coupon (doubled, so free plus profit x2)

Total before coupons/sales= $43.49
Total after coupons/sales= $17.24 or 61% savings (plus they were out of the pork loin and the chicken the first time I went, so I got rain checks for those!)


Marvel Disney vitamins $5.99 (x4)
Sundown Vitamin D $2.99 (x4)
-$6/2 Publix coupon (x4)
-$1/1 Marvel coupon (x4)
-$1/1 Sundown coupon (x4)
Animal crackers $1.49
-FREE item Publix baby club coupon
Smart Balance BOGO $2.89 (x2)
Publix butter (gotta have it!)on sale for $2.50

Total before coupons/sales = $46.78
Total after sales/coupons = $9.35 or 80% savings


Cottonelle Fresh Wipes $2.48
-FREE item coupon
Turkey 19.73 lb @ $1.09/lb = $21.31
-Price comp from Food Lion’s ad for $.39/lb (total after price comp $7.69)
-$1/1 Honeysuckle turkey coupon
Sweet potatoes 12 lbs @ $.28/lb (I always get a ton of these, mash them, freeze them, and use it for the next few months!) (total $3.36)

Total before sales/coupons = $39.27
Total after sales/coupons = $10.05 or 74% savings


Mt Olive banana peppers BOGO $2.39
-$.50/1 coupon
Barilla lasagna nooles BOGO $2.19 (x4)
Fuze drinks $1.25 (x8)
-2 free wyb 4 Bi-Lo instant promo
-2 free wyb 4 coupon
Onion soup packets BOGO $1.35 (x1)
Armour meatballs BOGO $3.99
-$.55/1 coupon (doubled, x3)
Honeysuckle 13.65 lb turkey orig $17.62, on sale for $.49/lb
-Price comp to Food Lion turkeys @ $.39/lb (total after price comp $6.69)
-$1/1 coupon
5 lb bag of pears marked down to $1.49
Sugar $1.98 (from $3.15, this is why I stock up at this time of year! x4)
-$.50/1 coupon (doubled, x4)
Total before coupons/sales = $73.64
Total after coupons/sales = $24.03 or 67% off

Weekly total before coupons/sales = $203.18
Weekly total after coupons/sales = $60.67 or 70%

I am planning on grocery shopping VERY little through December, and not at all next week. That’s my soft, non-committal plan anyway. I’m sure you’ll see how well I do at it!

In the meantime, hurry out and get those super-cheap turkeys and sweet potatoes at least! I was able to price comp the $.39/lb turkeys from Food Lion’s ad at Wal-Mart AND at Bi-Lo with no problem at all!