All you need is… love?

All you need is… love?

I love music and I want to instill a similar love in my children, but I learned early on that many children’s music cds are either horrible to listen to, or… horrible to listen to!! I have found a few that I can stand to listen to upwards of 100 times, and they’re keepers! I added a new one recently of Beatles songs, completely sung by children. For some reason, children love to hear other children sing, and I enjoy the Beatles, so it’s a win-win!

A couple of weeks ago, I had my Kids Beatles cd in while we were driving, and I was bopping my head to ‘All You Need is Love’, having a nice little afternoon drive! My oldest child, who I had no idea was even listening to the music, finally said, “Mama! Why are they saying all you need is love?! You need more than love! You need HOPE and FAITH and JESUS!! You need a lot more than love!!”

Wow! I do not know how he came to be my child, but I am amazed by the depth of his thinking!

Now that I think of it, I remember sitting at my window-seat as a young teenager, and pondering the idea of love. I remember thinking that if I could just find that one person to love me, and be with me forever, I’d finally (!!!) be happy. That was all I needed. Life would never be hard again. All you need is love… a few decades after the Beatles’ reign, but that was pretty much my mantra. It was what I told myself over and over (and over) again just to make it through the day-t0-day teenage heartache drama.

So my 5 year-old knows more about life than I did at 14, and I am so, SO grateful!

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