Holiday stock-up deals

Holiday stock-up deals

Part of my cooking soup stash, about 40 in all to last all year! (note, I got at two different stores)

Now that November has started, a new season of stock-up items has arrived! Now is the time to stock up on holiday baking and cooking items. For example, Kroger has a sale on Campbell’s condensed soups (ie cream of mushroom, cream of chicken, etc) this week, which, when combined with coupons, makes them $.29 per can. A normal sale price during the year is $1 per can, so $.29 is a great deal! Also, check out their sugar deal, Domino 5 lb bags for $1.50 after coupon!

This time of year is very exciting for me because I stock up on a LOT of essentials that are only on sale once a year! Here’s what I’m stocking up on and the prices I shoot for:

Brown sugar $.50/lb

granulated sugar $1.50/4 lb bag

flour $1.50/5 lb bag

condensed soups $.30/can

turkeys (FREEZER!) $.39/lb

hams (FREEZER!) $1/lb of shank or $2/lb of the spiral sliced

pie crust $1.00 per package (for Pillsbury, which is the best!)

chocolate chips $.85 or less is a good price!

hot chocolate $.50 or less is what I go for, but we don’t drink a lot of it!

gravy $.40 a jar

Brown sugar courtesy of Publix (with more to come via a rain check!)

This is my brown sugar stash, courtesy of Publix (with more to come via a raincheck!)


This time of year, I try to stock up on a year’s supply or as close to it that I can get of all of these items. I know that’s not feasible for all, but, unlike most sales that cycle every 6-8 weeks, these items are only at their lowest price these next few weeks!

Especially with the meat, I try to stock up because a good ham in May will cost a good $4/lb and they freeze very well in a deep freezer (note, the freezing times aren’t as good in a regular freezer). Turkeys are also a big item that I stock up on, usually getting 5 or 6 big turkeys, because the sales usually get down to $.39/lb. You absolutely cannot beat that price for ANY meat and I’ve found that turkey works very well as a substitute in most chicken-based recipes. In fact, it usually makes for a better taste, especially if you smoke it!

Now, you don’t have to get a year’s worth of any of these to save money, but knowing that this is these are the absolutely lowest prices of the year will help you to gauge your budget and stock up as best as it allows! I may live in the South, but I don’t make sweet tea, so my sugar needs are for baking only! For someone who lives on good old southern sweet tea, storing 40 bags of sugar may not fit nicely onto a shelf! We’d have to literally be sleeping on it for that many bags to fit into my house!

Here are my last two bags of flour from last year's stock-up! Time to get more!


Also, your target price may vary depending on your needs! If you consume a LOT of one of these items, you may want to start stocking up at a slightly higher price, unless you have 50+ coupons available to you and your store has a VERY large stock!

Really, just try to take note and stock as best as you can! It’s one of my favorite stock-up times by far!

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