I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t been blogging much lately, in part because of how we’ve been blowing through money. And the reason I’m blowing through money: I’m tired! I’ve gotten much less disciplined in general as well as MUCH busier, and, when the end of the day comes and I don’t want to cook dinner because I’m so tired… I don’t! I’ll get a pizza or pick up some fast food. It’s easy, more peaceful, much faster, and everyone’s happy with dinner, but it’s also much more expensive! It’s also a lot easier to run the kids through McDonald’s after exhausting grocery store trips. In fact, letting someone else cook for us is ALWAYS much easier! I’ve fallen into the eating out trap!

I am nothing if not honest (just ask my husband!) and writing a post on this blog, one where I use any kind of personal voice at all, would mean admitting how horribly I’ve allowed our money to be spent. The same lack of discipline has carried over to most of the areas of my life, which is also shameful. I’ve allowed the business of my life to become an excuse for my backsliding, but it’s not a good excuse. It’s lazy!

So, it’s not January 1st, but who says fresh starts have to be on a certain day of the calendar year? It’s time for my October 6th resolutions! I will most assuredly be sliding back again, and, after a while I’ll renew my resolutions with high hopes, only to backslide again. We all do it and we always will! It’s that darn flesh… But I will keep brushing off the complacency and begin anew, in January, October, or whenever it may happen.

I will be spending some time tonight setting very specific goals, and I may or may not share them on here. 😉 BUT I will, yet again, begin this blog anew and begin posting about my journey to save money and become a true provident and resourceful woman of God! I hope to encourage others in their journey as well!


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