I am THAT woman

I am THAT woman

Last night, I was THAT woman. I was that crazy couponer! Now, not all the things that I got had coupons, but I did get some good deals and I did get a lot of them. Try not to judge me, but I got… 12 packages of cheese, 14 boxes of granola bars, and an assortment of other needed/sale items. Obviously the crazy portion of my shopping includes the cheese and granola bars! I always feel the need to explain/justify my purchases when their quantity goes above four due to some of the previous comments I’ve had, so, allow me to explain!

First, in general, I’ve realized that the best and most sanity-producing way to save money is truly stocking up. I know what stocking up means for my family, and, yes, some of the items I stock up on will go on sale again in a couple of months, but sometimes the sale isn’t as good, the coupons are expired, or it falls during a week where I just can’t manage to get to the store! I don’t want to worry about running to the store when it’s unpeaceful to do so, just because I know that I’m about to run out of something and another sale won’t come for the next couple of months! I want to have the freedom to skip shopping altogether some weeks without feeling like I’m going to have to pay full-price for coffee for three months because of it! Stocking up gives me the freedom to do that, and the sanity that comes with taking a break!

I can’t tell you the number of drugstore deals I’ve skipped in the past couple of months, free things too, not just so-so deals! But I don’t NEED any of it, and sleeping an extra couple of hours on Sunday morning when I’ve been SO TIRED lately is totally worth skipping some free shampoo because we don’t NEED shampoo! I have enough to last us quite a while, so I don’t need to run out at dawn on Sunday morning to make sure I can get some! I can do that because I stock up!

Now, I want to be clear about something. I don’t clear shelves, I’m not out to get all I can get, I’m not greedy about it, and if I want more than 6 of something, I either make a special order, go to more than one store, or make sure that I go at the end of the day on the last day of the sale so that I don’t stop someone else from taking advantage of the sale as well. On a practical note, I also pay very close attention to expiration dates, and don’t get more than we can consume before that date! It’s not a good deal if you have to throw it out!

In this example, I bought 12 packages of sliced cheese. Is that a lot, YES! A few years ago I would have… I don’t know what I would have done, but I would have thought I was crazy! But, we love grilled cheese for weekend lunches and sick-mommy days (it’s the one thing that my husband considers his specialty and is willing to make instead of me!). We also eat a lot of regular sandwiches for every-day lunches and cheese frequents those as well. Those packages of cheese don’t expire for one year and there’s no chance that we’ll have to throw any of those 12 away with that time frame! I also bought 14 boxes of granola bars, which, with this new early morning school schedule and the packing of school lunches, we’ve been eating an insane amount of! With both of these, I followed my ‘rules’, and honestly the deals weren’t pennies on the dollar, knock your socks off kind of deals, but they were great prices for things that we need, so I stocked up!

So, last night at least, I was THAT woman; THAT woman with more pounds of cheese than members of her family, THAT woman with enough snacks to feed an entire daycare, but I’m ok with that! I followed my rules so that I didn’t bother, inconvenience or hurt anyone else, and I got some good deals! When I got home and thought about setting up a picture with my food, I realized that I was a little scared of what people would say! I decided that I’d be completely upfront and honest and put it all out there!

I AM THAT WOMAN AND I DON’T THINK THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH IT!!! I’m taking care of my family’s needs/wants and saving money and that doesn’t make me crazy!


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