DIY week!

DIY week!

Crazy-busy, that’s the only word (although a made-up word) that I can find to accurately describe this week, BUT I am happy to say that I found time to do a couple of DIY things that needed to be done and that are hugely helpful in saving money! I’ve posted about some of them before, but it’s always nice to have a refresher!

First, I refilled my foaming soap container with a homemade solution. I LOVE foaming soap. It’s one of my favorite discoveries in the past few years! However, I do not love paying $4 for a bottle of hand soap! So, I found a bottle of Softsoap foaming soap on clearance a few months ago (for $1.39), and when it’s empty, add 1 tablespoon of liquid hand soap and fill the rest with warm water. Shake it up to dissolve and you’re done! Foaming hand soap that cost nothing because the hand soap was free when I bought it! It works great and I love it!

I have a Swiffer wet jet and I love it! I love the convenience of grabbing it for a quick clean. I know that it’s better to actually get on my hands and knees and mop by hand, but I’m just not going to do that every day! I’m a big fan of making things easier, because, if they’re easier to do, I’ll do them much more often! The cleaner refills are upwards of $4 each, and that’s not including the pads! BUT you can make it yourself! I tried this for the first time a couple of months ago, and it worked great, but it was time to do it again! Basically the hard part is getting the lid off of the refill bottle, but some boiling water loosens it enough to accomplish that much! After that, it’s a matter of adding your own cleaner or a solution of dilutable cleaner and water. I figure that the cost, even if you buy a dilutable cleaner (on sale with a coupon of course!), is pennies for the refill! Go HERE for detailed instructions!

Finally, this is a DIY that I didn’t do personally, but a DIY nonetheless! I have been sparingly using mop refill pads that I had gotten on clearance for my Swiffer, and I’m almost out. I can’t bring myself to spend money on more (again, $4+ for a small refill), but I have yet to figure out how to thread my lovely sewing machine to make my own pads. Enter my mother! Thankfully she is an amazing seamstress and she enjoys (or pretends to) satisfying my sewing whims. She has agreed to make me some of these refills, which I think will work for my Shark as well! The cost of velcro won’t be much, and you can use old towels or buy a couple of cheap ones for a few dollars, and these can be used over and over again! I won’t have to worry about buying pads ever again! Thanks Mom!


Anyway, those are my current DIY projects! Doing something yourself is a great way to save money without clipping a coupon, but clipping coupons is awfully fun too!


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