First day of school: a milestone!

First day of school: a milestone!


Tomorrow morning, for the first time in my life, I will have a child in school, and I am full of emotions! I’m so excited for him (he’s bouncing up and down with his own excitement), a little scared, intensely proud of my boy, and, most of all, sad to see this season end. I love being home with my babies and for the past three and a half years (since I quit working), it’s been just me and my boys all day long! It’s all I ever wanted and it’s all I thought it would be! Now, I’ll still be home and most of them will still be with me all day, but this feels like the beginning of a long season of slow goodbyes. Goodbye to my babies being babies as they take each step towards independence. Little by little, they’re growing up and I can’t slow it down and I can’t stop it!

I knew this would come and I love each time I see a concept click. When I’m lucky enough to witness the massive glow on their faces with each accomplishment, I am full to bursting with joy! I adore having conversations with my children, knowing that they understand what I’m saying and I revel (at times) in their questions as they make the concepts their own. I love watching them walk down the road to becoming Godly men, but the tears do trickle down my beaming face.

*Sniff**Sniff* So to my beautiful baby boy, my first-born, my lovey-dovey, the child I waited 22 years to have, I pray you have a wonderful first day and that it is only the beginning of a wonderful new season in our lives! I love you so much and I am so proud of you!

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