Friday Finals

Friday Finals

Once again, I went to Publix, and I also went to Kroger early in the week to stock up on some P&G deals, especially some of my husband’s favorite deodorant! I totally stocked up on that!

Here’s what I got:


Water bottle x2 (summer clearance)

Sippie cups x3 (summer clearance)

Dawn 24 ounce x 4

Old Spice deodorant x 8

Febreze spray x 4

Apples x 3.5 lbs

Carrots x 8 lbs

Milk x1

Total before coupons/sales : $75.42

TOTAL AFTER = $29.14 or 61% savings (the apples were $1.99/lb, which totally threw my savings off, but we love them!


Betty Crocker potatoes x 4

Pears x 3 lbs

Birds eye veggies x12

Chex mix x 6

Bugles x 6

Hamburger helper x 6

V8 Splash x8

bananas x 3 lbs

pickles x1

Jolly Time popcorn x6

Cheerios x2

Degree deodorant x3

Bic lighter x1

Granola bars x1

Total before coupons/savings = $158.30

TOTAL AFTER = $39.52 or 75% savings!


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