Friday Finals: Burning out!

I’ve been feeling pretty burnt-out lately with coupons. I think it’s mostly that I have so much else going on right now, and I’m just not feeling it! I don’t think I’ve been to a drugstore in about a month actually, and it’s not because of a lack of deals, because they’ve had some great deals! I feel pretty well-stocked, at least for my immediate family, and I am just… tired! Tired would probably be the best word for it!

I still hit up Publix, and occasionally another store, but mostly, I’ve been keeping to myself for the past few weeks to recharge!

So, this week I only went to Publix… and that’s it! I still hope to make it to CVS to get Revlon lipgloss for $.99 and to Walgreens to get a handful of back-to-school stuff ($2-3 tops), but that’s it! We’re eating from our stock, taking care of appointments, I’m focusing on cleaning the house, training my children, and a couple of my other projects, and it’s nice! It’s nice to have time to bake a triple batch of breakfast cookies, make some new activity bags, read a little bit of a book (GASP!), enjoy a baseball game with my family, and waste some time with friends! It’s also nice to have a laundry room that looks like this

(note the FOLDED and HUNG UP clothes in place of a foot deep pile on the floor that used to be there)

a bed that looks like this

and a kids room that looks clean and organized, though I won’t dare wake up the napping children to take a picture!

Don’t worry though, I still have this (from lunch),


and this

to take care of in the next few days! This weekend I’m going to focus on family time, yard work, and the last three photos I showed you! Couponing will wait! My sanity usually wins out and this week, it wants order and not couponing trophies, though I have a couple of those too!

Here’s a re-cap of my Publix trip(s):

Total before coupons/sales = $164.23
TOTAL AFTER = $17.81 or 89% savings

I have no picture because my 1-year-old started to break the eggs on his stomach before I could find my camera and I had to control the mess before it got out of hand!

So for this week, here’s to faith, family, priorities and avoiding burn-out!

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