DIY: Aromatherapy vapor rub

One of the joys of having a big(ger than most) family is that when one gets sick, we all get sick, and it lasts a good week at least! We’re fresh off the latest sickness, which seemed to be just a very nasty cold, and thankfully my husband and I seemed to get the worst of it. It’s hard to see your babies miserably sick, especially when you can’t do much for it.

I can deal with just about any illness, but a cold really gets me, mostly because I can’t just take something and keep going. I’m a difficult patient in that I like to take something to help with the symptoms and not stop. In fact, the few weeks of bed rest that I had with my last pregnancy were some of the worst I can remember. I’ll take needles, and even childbirth, any day over the agony of long-term forced ‘rest’.

Anyway, the only relief that I can find when I have a cold is in aromatherapy. Along with a box of lotioned tissues, my sinus bath and my vapor rub are my only relief during a cold. With this last bout, I found a way to make my own vapor rub, and it’s so easy!!!! In fact, I think these may find their way into the Christmas presents (close friends, FORGET that part!).

Basically you use petroleum jelly and essential oils and THAT’S IT! The cost of the essential oils is a little steep up-front, but you use so little for something like this, and you can make so many things with it! I’m researching other ways to use it right now, especially since I’m on this DIY kick, but I wanted to share the recipe I found for the vapor rub! Feel free to try it and I swear, it works so much better than most of the cold medicine out there!

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