Bi-Lo and Publix ads

Just a quick link to the Bi-Lo and Publix ads this week!

Bi-Lo has a few nice deals. Be sure to check out the $.64 Hillshire Farm sausage links, the $1.50 NutriGrain bars, and the $.99 dozen eggs (only Friday-Sunday). I’m also going to get a couple of bottles of Mott’s juice for $1.40. I usually don’t spend more than $1 for a bottle of juice, but I think the prices going up will make me change that! I haven’t seen a bottle of any kind of juice for less than $1.50 in quite a few months, so I’ll take what I can get!

Publix had some great deals (as you can see HERE), especially the $.14 Nature Valley granola bars, the FREE plus overage Resolve, and the $.62 Suave kids shampoo/conditioner!

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