Friday Finals: Price-Matching edition

Other than my price-matching produce at Wal-Mart,

Total before price-comp = $18.50

I did run to Publix twice to hit both sales weeks and got the following:

Trip #1

Lance Crackers x8
Wishbone salad dressing x7
Skippy peanut butter x3
Oscar Meyer bologna x2
Crisco Olive Oil x1
Campbell’s condensed soup x6
Quaker granola bars x6
Always x2
Tampax x1
Glue sticks x2
Elmer’s glue x6
Papermate pens x3
Publix american cheese x1
Powerade 8 pack x2

Total before coupons/sales = $130.42
TOTAL AFTER = $40.83 or 69% savings

I got a lot of snacks for school lunches and quite a few descent deals on school supplies

Trip #2 (not pictured because I can’t find the picture!!)

Bananas 4.79 lbs
Enteman’s donuts (treat!) x1
Card x1
Ronzoni x1
Barber stuffed chicken x2
Lysol all purpose cleaner x6
Del Monte veggies x4
Tombstone pizza x2
Valley Fresh canned chicken (chicken salad, my favorite!) x6
Smart Balance butter x1
Friendship sour cream x2

Total before coupons/sales = $81.85
TOTAL AFTER = $34.47 or 58% savings (you can tell I was exhausted and distracted during this trip! I got a lot more than I planned on getting, many without coupons, but all at least 50% off the regular price!)

Total for the week before price-matching/sales/coupons = $230.77
TOTAL AFTER = $83.61 or 64% savings!

8 lbs of meat, tons of produce, lots of staples and oodles of snacks for school lunches! I’m happy!

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