Confronting the Mess

Many things have happened in the past few weeks that have been… for lack of a better word… messy! Certain friendships, family relationships, the current (and possibly long-term) economic climate all have come at me, individually and collaboratively, to feel like one big mess! Sometimes when I’m in the middle of a mess, I start to feel overwhelmed by the utter hugeness of it all. It seems so insurmountable! I’ve really let it all get to me lately!

I was browsing through my friend Kelly’s blog earlier today (because I’m so glad she’s back from a long vacations!) and I was again captured by this post she did a couple of months ago. She really is a wonderfully gifted writer, and I was just as touched when I read this post today as I was when I read it earlier this summer. It’s about messes, big and little. Now, I know that many of you may not be Catholic, and some of this is about Catholicism, but I believe that it applies to everyone and it certainly gave me some perspective!

No matter the mess, God is bigger than it all, and he died to redeem it all. He can and will sort out the biggest of the Macro Messes, and when we turn towards him, we can find the perspective we need.

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