Price-matching produce

One of my favorite things to price-match at Wal-Mart is produce! Save-A-Lot usually has GREAT prices on produce, but I’ve never been there to actually check out their quality, and I have a feeling that it’s not that great. Usually, I just take the ad that comes in the mail straight to Wal-mart and price match them!

I did it last night, and here’s what I got:

Green Bell Peppers (originally $.88 each) price-matched to $.33 each
Cucumbers (originally $.78 each) price-matched to $.33 each
Red Grapes (originally $1.98/lb) price-matched to $.98/lb
Bananas (originally $.52/lb) price-matched to $.39/lb

Total I spent $8.31 for 2.6 lbs of grapes, 3.75 lbs of bananas (most not pictured), 7 bell peppers, and 6 cucumbers!

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