Looking for alternate deals

Sunday afternoon, I sat at the computer for a few minutes of quiet surfing. It’s something that I enjoy doing when everyone is asleep and everyone was, indeed, asleep! It WAS Sunday afternoon after all! To my surprise, I saw a post about a HOT deal on diapers at Babies R Us that was only for Sunday and Monday. Due to the extreme hotness of this deal, I knew that the only chance I had at getting some diapers (for $1!!) was to RUN NOW!!! And so I did, run that is, with two kids in tow (apparently not everyone was sleeping!), hoping to score some cheap diapers!

Well, they were out! I mean, seriously OUT!!! It looked like someone had walked down the aisle and held their arm out to knock every package into one big cart, because there were none to be found! I even asked two employees to check in the back for me, but they were, in fact, out!

Disappointed is a good word for this situation, and the trip was made worse by the unintentional loss of two beloved matchbox fire engines when they were left in the cart. But, I had big plans to price-match diapers at Wal-Mart (and buy a replacement fire engine), and get cheap diapers, though not as low as $1!

A trip to Wal-Mart just wasn’t in the cards though, at least not before Tuesday. Frustrated and yearning to replenish my diaper supply at a rock-bottom price, I turned to Amazon, where I saw a GIGANTIC box of diapers, with an e-coupon, and a 30% discount from subscribe and save and Amazon Mom, and the cost per diaper turned out to be almost the exact same as it would have been if I had made it to Wal-Mart! It wasn’t as low as some who were able to score at Babies R Us, but it was just as good as the $3.50 per pack that I wanted to pay at Wal-Mart, if I had been able to go!

The moral of this story is to keep looking. If one door closes, look for an open window, and if that doesn’t work, go for the doggie door! The point is that deals can be had in unexpected places. I never expected to find a great diaper deal at Babies R Us in the first place, and I certainly didn’t expect to see that enjoying 2-day shipping to my front door was just as good of a deal as dragging my children to Wal-Mart and praying that I would find a cashier that understood the store’s policy so as to avoid a long and difficult check-out! Keep looking!

And as for the fire engine, we found a very nice replacement at the customer service desk at Publix for $1.09! 😉

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