Friday Finals

I kept things easy this week, going to Publix, CVS, and Walgreens.


I made two trips because of prescription problems, so only one is pictured! I stocked up on Pop-Tarts, especially since I had Publix coupons as well as a couple of manufacturer’s coupons. I also stocked up on Go-Gurt, since it’s a major staple in our house. I also got 5 lbs of carrots, some sour dough bread fresh from the bakery, two frozen pizzas, and a couple of boxes of Little Debbies, some Cover Girl eye shadow, Always, Tampax, and some free scissors. Other than the bread, carrots, and yogurt, it wasn’t the healthiest of trips, but we were in need of replenishing our snack/convenience food stock.

Total before coupons/sales = $132.62
TOTAL AFTER = $44.94 or 66% savings

CVS and Walgreens were good trips! I got everything I wanted, so I’m thrilled!

At Walgreens I got Crest toothpaste, Gum flossers, W tampons, Scruncis, crayons, and Sharpies.

At CVS I got Crest toothpaste, Oral B floss, pens, U by Kotex, Bengay, and Renu contact solution.

Total cost before was = $52.50
Total after was $0 or 100% savings!

Total for the week before = $185.12
Total after = 76% savings!

My trips always end up looking odd, especially grocery store trips because I’m focusing on stocking up on the best deals, not buying what we need to eat every week. This week, it was mostly pop-tarts, yogurt, toothpaste, floss, and feminine products! It’s a different way of thinking, shopping 90% for stocking up and 10% for necessities, but it’s how you save the most!

I also transferred two prescriptions to Publix pharmacy, and used two prescription transfer coupons, so I left with $50 in gift cards as well that I’ll use the next couple of weeks.

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