Sunday sales 07/24

It’s Sunday, which means new sales for a lot of stores!

Kroger has a new ad after two weeks of the Mega event. I don’t see a lot of exciting deals, but I am thrilled about the Smart Balance milk, which has a lactose-free variety, and my husband and my son are both lactose-intolerant. The Smart Balance milk will be $1 for a half-gallon, and, since lactose-free milk isn’t cheap, so I am very happy to see this!

CVS has a couple of great deals, including Bengay, Renu, Crest and some very cheap Kotex!

Walgreens also has some great freebies, especially the ones that are free after register rewards without coupons. I’m especially excited about the Scrunci, since I’m getting low and I’ll be able to get TWO with the Register Reward deal!!!

Rite Aid has a few good items this week, though it’s not as good as it has been in weeks past!

A new part of the Sunday ads worth paying attention to is the school supply category. Office Max (free backpack!!!), Office Depot, and Staples are all offering rock-bottom prices on various school supplies that are worth taking advantage of. Aside from the deals that require some sort of a rebate (different for each store), you can price-match the deals at Wal-Mart to save time and gas money.

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