Sunday Sales:

Kroger is having the second week of the mega event sale, so almost all of the sales will be the same as they were last week. This could be good if you missed out on anything you wanted last week, or bad if you (like me) didn’t find much appealing in the sale! Go HERE to check out the full match-ups!

CVS has one great freebie (Crest toothbrushes!) and a few cheapies. One that I wasn’t planning on getting, but was glad to see was a small bottle of Gilette Fusion shave cream for $2.19. You’ll get $2 in ECB back, making it only $.19! Go HERE for the best deals!

Walgreens has one GREAT deal that I was super-pumped to get! My husband is picky about what kind of soap he uses (he’s not a bodywash guy unfortunately because bodywash is easy to get for free!!!), and he was getting low, so I’m excited to get some Dove Men+Care soap for FREE!!!! They also have a pretty nice deal on diapers if you need some, so check that out!

Rite Aid has a few nice money-makers that I’m tempted to jump on! My problem has been keeping up with all of the different stores’ reward papers, but I’ve read that you can turn around and buy a Rite Aid gift card with their UP+ rewards! I may have to try it!

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