DIY: Make your own liquid hand soap

Liquid hand soap is very expensive, especially compared to bars of soap, but, I have to admit, I hate the bars! There’s just no comparison, and I love the liquid soap! Lately, I’ve been using all the free bodywash in our soap dispensers, and it’s worked very well! I’ve always wanted to try making my own though, and Savvy Housekeeping did an excellent post about just that thing!

It seems like a fairly easy thing to do, and you can use those cheap bars of soap to do it! Like anything that you make yourself, it takes a little bit of effort, but you’ll have enough to last a very long time!

Since we’ve been using the free bodywash, I don’t think we’ll be out of liquid soap for quite a while, but I may try this using some essential oils for a nice little treat, maybe even as Christmas presents!

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