DIY: Papercrete blocks

Now, I have never tried this, and I’m not sure how it would actually work long-term, but I am intrigued!!

Papercrete blocks are made using a paper pulp mixture and adding sand, earth and cement. Apparently it’s cheap, light-weight, and works well for building many kinds of structures in many areas of the country. Disclaimer: I have never tried it and I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be building an entire living structure out of it, but I’m thinking it could be a very inexpensive greenhouse! If nothing else, reading about it will amaze you!!

Go HERE to learn about the actual process of making the papercrete, and be sure to check THIS out! This is an actual house made, in part, with papercrete blocks! The effect is quite beautiful actually, and it’s amazing that it was made with paper and dirt!

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