Bi-Lo trip

You may have noticed that I haven’t bought much meat for the past few weeks in my $25 Weekly Challenge, and that’s because I don’t buy meat, in general, on a weekly basis. I buy it when it’s the best price, stock up, and freeze it for later! So, I promise we’ve been eating meat the past few weeks, it’s just been pulled from my big freezer!!

Well, this week is much different! I bought 30 lbs of meat at Bi-Lo this week! I’ve been under my $25 for the past two weeks, so I’m hoping that I didn’t go over because of this, but I had to get it for this amazing price!

Here’s what I got:

Carolina Pride smoked sausage (polska kielbasa is our favorite!) BOGO $3.99 (x23 in two different trips)
 – $.50/1 coupon (doubled, x23) = $.99 each
Carolina Pride mild breakfast sausage BOGO $3.49 (x7)
 – $.50/1 coupon (doubled, x7) = $.74 each
KC Masterpiece bbq sauce BOGO $2.15 (x1)
 – $1/1 (x1) = $.08
Clearance bag of bananas (about 8 lbs) $1.50
Clearance bag of onions (about 5 lbs) $1.50
Milk $3.08
Southern Home foam plates BOGO $2.28 (x3)

Total before savings = $139.79
TOTAL AFTER = $37.65 or 73% savings

I also got a raincheck for more breakfast sausage because they only had a few at each store. Now, this is more than $25 for my weekly out-of-pocket, but, like I said, I was under for the past couple of weeks, so I’ll re-calculate it all and we’ll see how I come out on the Friday Finals! Either way, I had to stock up on this meat because it’s absolutely rock-bottom pricing (less than $1 per pound!) and sausage is a meat that my husband loves!!

Disclaimer: I didn’t wipe the store out, I went to two different stores, and I assure everyone that I left tons of smoked sausage for everyone else! I did, however, take the last 3 and 4 rolls of breakfast sausage, but I don’t think that’s extreme!

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