Abbreviations: a new language!

When you’re getting your feet wet with couponing, you’ll see that the couponing world uses a LOT of abbreviations! Some are common sense, and some, even I have to pause for a second to remember what it means! Clarise asked me last week about abbreviations and I promised her that I’d write a post listing all that I can think of, so, HERE GOES!!

Q – coupon
MQ – manufacturer’s coupon
SQ – store coupon
BOGO – buy one get one free
BOGO50% – buy one get one 50% off
$1/1 – $1 off of 1 item
$1/2 – $1 off of 2 items
ECB – extra care bucks, which are CVS’s store money
RR – register reward, which are Walgreen’s store money
UP+ – up plus reward, which are Rite Aid’s store money
OOP – out of pocket
MIR – mail-in rebate
YMMV – (I’ve seen a few sites that use this one) it means, your mileage may vary, which also means it may or may not be true at your store

Also, when I’m posting about specific shopping trips, and I’m itemizing it, it’ll look like this:

Carolina Pride smoked sausage BOGO $3.99 x10
 – $.50/1 (doubled, x10)
 = $.99 each

This means that I bought Carolina Pride smoked sausage, it was on sale for buy one get one free at $3.99 (the price listed is the full price), and the x10 means I bought 10 of them. The next line means that I used a $.50 off of one coupon, the coupon doubled and I used 10 of them. The third line means that the final price for the sausage is $.99 each.

Couponing really has a learning curve, so these abbreviations will become second-nature after a few months! I tried to list all the abbreviations that I could think of, but if anyone thinks of another one, leave a comment and I’ll add that too!

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