Failed attempts at greatness and Publix trip(s) 06/22

Speaking of being an ultra-couponing dropout, I have had a couple of failed attempts at greatness the past few days. I’ve been pretty busy lately and more than a little spacey, but I KNEW that my Rite Aid UP+ rewards didn’t expire till Sunday because they’ve always been for 3 full weeks before. Well, they weren’t. They expired the DAY BEFORE, and it wasn’t just a couple of dollars worth of rewards… it was a lot! I had spent most of the weekend in the hospital with my husband. I took him to the ER on Friday evening with some complications that looked like a serious problem. Anyway, my major mistake combined with my major stress equaled me bursting into tears in the middle of the store in front of the employees and my kids… humility is a hard thing to learn!

So, we all stumble and make mistakes. Just dust yourself off and keep going!

In the spirit of trying to keep going, today I powered through two attempts at a Publix trip, forgotten coupons, a diaper and a potty-training mishap, cranky baby, crawling under my car to pick up my cell phone pieces, and just general fun all around! I had to go home in between trips to get my coupons and I went back to be done with it! I did come out with a good ending, and I was able to get two penny items since I had to make two trips, so there’s the silver lining!

Here’s what I got:

Chicken legs (I asked the meat guy to split it into 5 packages to maximize the coupon savings) $5.64
 – $1/1 chicken when you buy Betty Crocker potatoes peelie (x5)
Betty Crocker potatoes (great for a soup thickener or potato pancakes!) BOGO $1.73 (x6)
 – $.50/2 peelie (doubled, x3)
Deli drink (mommy’s reward!) $1.19
Glad 75 count drawstring trashbags $11.79
 – $10 coupon (I emailed the company when my last box of trashbags kept breaking and they sent me this amazing coupon!)
Publix apple juice $2.69 (x2)
 – $2.68 coupon (x2)

Total before coupons/sales = $34.38
TOTAL AFTER = $5.83 or 83% savings

By breaking the chicken up into five different packages instead of the original two packages, I was able to maximize those $1/chicken coupons to get over 3 lbs of chicken for $.64 or about $.18 per pound instead of the original $1.79 per pound price.

I had planned on getting some more free Bayer, but they were completely out! I did get a raincheck to use the Publix coupon after it expires on Friday, so I can get a couple of boxes, but I was really hoping to stock up! I used my Glad coupon instead to get the biggest box of trashbags I could find and go over the $10 pre-coupon total to get the penny item.

All in all, I’m happy, especially since I got two bottles of apple juice for a penny each!!!

My out-of-pocket total for the week is now $13.99

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