DIY Monday: Vanilla Extract

Real vanilla extract is quite expensive, but you can make it yourself! I thought about making it last year and giving it out as Christmas presents, but I read that it really needs 6 months to turn out really good, and I didn’t start soon enough! But, we have 7 months till Christmas, so now is a good time to start a batch!

Basically, all you need to make your own vanilla extract is vanilla beans, vodka, and a jar to put it in! You can order vanilla beans on Amazon for about $1 per bean, (or less HERE if you buy more than a few) and I’m not sure how much vodka is (it’s not sold in Publix or CVS ;)), but you can use the cheapest kind for this and it works just as well.

Split the beans (about 1-2 per cup of vodka) and put them in the bottle, completely covered by vodka. That’s it! Time is the only other thing you need! In fact, after it’s been ‘cooking’ for a few months, you can leave the beans in and top it off with plain vodka to keep it going. The longer it sits, the stronger the flavor, so topping it off with some additional vodka won’t dillute it at all! You may have to add a fresh bean eventually, but not for a very long time!

The hardest part may be finding the jars!

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