Publix trip 06/15

I’m a little behind this week with blogging about my trips because I’ve got two big projects in the works this week. In fact, I’m nodding off at the computer right now, so I’m going to make this quick.

No picture again, because I can’t find my new camera batteries and I can’t stand to spend half of my weekly budget right now on full-priced camera batteries, so I’m waiting it out! Since I have no working camera right now, I’m going to do the detailed list to get a better ‘picture’ of the trip.

I went to Publix on Wednesday to get their penny item (Nilla wafters!!!) and here’s what I got:

Bayer Advanced $3.49 x4
 – $2/1 Publix coupon (x4)
 – $2/1 from 06/12 SS insert (x2)
 – $1.50/1 printable (x2)
 = FREE plus $1.04 overage

Oscar Meyer bologna BOGO $2.99 (x2)

Crystal Light BOGO $3.91 (x4)
 – $1/1 from 06/12 SS insert (x4)
 = $.96 each

Combat ant killer $4.69
 – $3/1 Publix coupon
 – $1/1 blinkie
 = $.69

Publix nilla wafers $.01

Total before coupons/sales = $42.12
TOTAL AFTER = $6.47 or 85% savings

I spent $12 at Publix on Monday, then $6.47 on Wednesday, which brings my total so far this week to $18.47 out-of-pocket and 96% savings.

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