Friday Finals: Week 2 of $25 per week spending challenge!

Well, it’s Friday again (Thank you Jesus!), and I’m done with week 2 of my $25 weekly spending challenge! I started out the week with an extra $5, because I only spent $20 last week. So, I had $30 to spend! Let’s recap the week:

Sunday, I went to CVS and Walgreens. I saved 102% at CVS and 68% at Walgreens, spending $.49 and $4.55 out-of-pocket, respectively.

I also went to Publix. Again, I saved 102% (must be my lucky number this week), and spent $12 out-of-pocket.

Wednesday, I went to Publix again to get the penny item and saved 85%, spending $6.47 out-of-pocket.

I also had to make a quick stop sometime (I forget what day now!) this week to get a gallon of milk, which cost $3.08 out-of-pocket.


My grand totals for the week are as follows:

Total before coupons/sales = $198.58
Total after coupons/sales = $16.29 or 92% savings

My total out-of-pocket was $26.59!!! I had $30 to spend ($25 for this week and $5 left over from last week’s budget), so I did it! This week was much harder than last week because I needed to spend $50 total and $25 (all before coupns) in Conagra products at Publix to qualify for a rebate! Although last week and this week I had some help with free gift cards that I got for transferring some prescriptions, and I don’t think I’ll be able to get any more for the next two weeks, so maybe the hardest part is yet to come. We’ll see!

Keep reading to see how I do the next couple of weeks with this $25 out-of-pocket challenge. I’ll also be starting the All You grocery challenge next week, so that’ll be another fun challenge!

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