CVS and Walgreens this week

I went to CVS and Walgreens on Sunday (again, I’m so late in posting due to lack of a working camera and lack of sleep!) I haven’t had much luck the last two weeks in finding the best deals at Walgreens, so I had quite a few register rewards in my possession that were expiring. Usually, I try to use the RRs each week to get items that generate new RRs and not have to worry about them expiring, but my Walgreens has been completely out of the best deals by Sunday afternoon, so I had to burn some rewards or lose them! I used them on something that is hard to get a great deal on, and even without using the rewards, it was a pretty good deal. Here’s what I got:


Wal-Fex allergy medicine $3.99
 – $4 RR
Bayer advanced asprin $3.00
 – $2/1 coupon
 – $2 RR
Colgate toothbrush $2.99
 – $1/1 coupon
 – $2 RR
Sparkle 6 double roll paper towels (using my rewards!) $5.50 (x3)
 – $4 RR wyb $15 worth
Spree $.39 (x2)

Total before sales/coupons = $38.70
TOTAL AFTER  = $12.28 or 68% savings.

Because I used register rewards to pay for it all, my total out-of-pocket was only $4.55. The paper towels weren’t the deal of the year, but it’s something that is hard to find with a good sale or good coupons, and it’s something that we use. I normally shoot for no more than $.50 per roll, and these came out to be $.68 for a DOUBLE roll, so it was pretty good! Considering most of the bucks that I used were profit (from the free plus profit items the past few weeks), it wasn’t a bad deal at all!

CVS was the best of the trips once again!

Here’s what I got:

Motrin PM $4.00 (x2)
 – $1/1 coupon (x2)
 – $3 ECB (x2)
Zyrtec $5.99
 – $2/1 coupon
 – $6 ECB
Bayer Advanced $3.00
 – $2/1 coupon
 – $1 ECB
Papers $1.50 (x3)

 – $3/$10 First aid items printed form the coupon center (it worked with the painkillers!)

Total before sales/coupons = $27.96
TOTAL AFTER = FREE plus $.50 profit or 102% savings

My overage from the Zyrtec and the $3/$10 first aid items paid for my papers and then some!

I also paid only $.49 out-of-pocket!

Check Friday Finals to see how I made out this week in my $25 per week spending goal!

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