Publix trip 06/01 = 97% savings

I don’t usually shop at Publix on the first day of the ad. I usually wait until the next week so that I can get the new Sunday’s coupons and take a little bit more time to get all my stuff together, but today’s penny item happens to be something that we’re starting to run low on (cheese slices), plus the $5/$30 purchase coupon in this morning’s paper encouraged me further. So, I gathered my coupons, made my list and we headed out this morning!

Here’s what we got:

1 Mrs T Pierogies
2 Nestle oatmeal raisin cookies
7 Gerber yogurt
2 Almond Breeze milks
2 Hellmann’s light mayo
1 John Freida Root Awakening shampoo
6 Ronzoni Garden pasta
2 Johnson and Johnson baby wash
1 Publix american cheese slices (penny item)

Total before coupons/savings = $72.71
TOTAL AFTER = $2.37 or 97% savings!! I was able to use the overage from the yogurt, the pasta, and the Publix $5 coupon to pay for most of the other items, which were all (except the Almond Breeze) at rock-bottom price. Rock-bottom prices combined with overage equals HUGE savings.

The Gerber Yogurt coupons really made this trip. I thought about using them the past couple of weeks (after I got them from our ped’s office the last couple of visits), and they would have been free with the coupons, but I hung on to them, hoping for a sale. Because I hung on to them, and waited for a sale, I was able to get $3.50 in overage towards the rest of my stuff instead of ‘just’ free. AND I was able to make my total before coupons over $30 to use that $5/$30 coupon without adding to my out-of-pocket expense.

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