DIY: Swiffer refills

I have a Swiffer Wet Jet, and I LOVE IT! The only problem is that I’m in a cycle of having to buy refills! Both the pads and the cleaning solution are designed to be bought over and over again, and that can get VERY expensive VERY fast! I’ve bought them with rebates in the past to minimize expense, but I’ve decided that there has to be a way to eliminate the need for refills altogether!

If you have the Wet Jet, you have solution refills that look impossible to refill yourself. The instructions even say not to refill them, but I don’t want to let go of more of my money than I have to! The problem is that you can’t open the darn thing!! I searched online and found THIS very helpful video. Basically you dip the end of the bottle in boiling water for about 25 seconds (the video says less, but it didn’t work for me till about 25 seconds!), then twist the cap off! It’s that easy!

Then you fill it with your solution of choice, homemade (1:1 – 1:2 ratio of vinegar to water) or store-bought (any ultra-concentrated cleaner will last 1-2 years for a fraction of the cost!), and put the cap back on!

You have a brand-new bottle of cleaner and you didn’t have to pay $4-$6 for it! I expect that eventually the plastic will wear out and I’ll have to get a new bottle after about a year, but if I can get a year’s worth out of a bottle, at about a bottle per month, that’s a savings of over $60 a year.

If you love your Swiffer like I do, you really should make your own reusable pads. You can actually sew your own with this pattern out of microfiber cloths (cloth diapers, old towels, anything!). I use burp cloths and I stitched velcro on either side of the fabric so that they close together on top of the floor piece. I did it on both sides of the stick so that it’s secure!

If you’re not the crafty-type, you can re-purpose un-matched socks by slipping them on your Swiffer as well! I saw someone online doing that and thought that it’s an easy way to have your own covers!

If you can get rid of the refills too, you’ll save another $70 a year, making your yearly savings about $130!

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