Changes to Kroger Fuel program!

Kroger is FINALLY doing something to try to bring in more customers! They’re changing their fuel program. Now, for every 100 points earned (through groceries, prescriptions, etc) you get $.10 off per gallon, UP TO $1.00 OFF PER GALLON!

Now, you’d have to buy $1,000 worth of groceries to accumulate enough points to get $1 off, but you could also get your prescriptions at Kroger or you could buy Shell giftcards (100 points for every $50 you spend) and use both the giftcard AND the points.

Now, this is still not nearly as good as the instant 20% savings when you buy a $50 gift card for $40 at Publix (not currently running, but I’m crossing my fingers to get one more in before summer starts!). It’s still much better than their current program, and I’m glad to see Kroger reaching out to try to get some more business. I still love Publix more, but I may consider warming up to Kroger.

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