My not-so-great Kroger trip

I hit Kroger last night after the kids went to bed to get a few things, especially to get the Silk Almond milk before my $2/1 coupons expired. I was reminded that I really don’t like Kroger that much.

The cashier took a very long time to do the few coupons I had, she had to call someone to get me my $5 gift card as part of the GM promotion, she had to call someone again to ask about two coupons and they tried to adjust down some of my coupons instead of letting me get the full value of the coupon.

I decided that I’d rather get my overage at Publix or Walmart (who has published that they WILL allow overage!) and asked them to take the items off. In general, I’d rather give my business to a store like Publix. It sounds silly, because I’m not actually ‘spending’ money, but whichever store I choose is making money from the manufacturer via the coupons, and I’d rather a coupon-friendly store get the money.

Anyway, I did get a few good deals!

Tortilla chips $2 (my hubby really wanted them!)
Jumbo salted peanuts $1 (see above)
Kix cereal $3.29
– $.50/1 coupon
Total Raisin Bran $4.39 (x3) (husband’s favorite!)
– $1/1 peelie (x3)
– $.75/1 ecoupon (using a paper coupon AND an ecoupon is against Kroger’s new policy, but I didn’t realize that this was still on my card until I left with my receipt, so there wasn’t anything I could do about it!)
M&M Eggs $.99 (x4)
– $2/2 coupon (x4)
Skittles $.79 (wow, I got a lot of things for my husband on this trip!) (x2)
– $.50/2 coupon (doubled)
Suave deodorant $.88 (x2)
– $.50/1 coupon (doubled to sale price x2)
Silk Almond Milk $2.50 (x2)
– $2/1 coupon (x2)
Kroger Milk $2.98

– $5 gift card for buying 4 General Mills cereal

Total before coupons/sales/giftcard = $36.28
TOTAL AFTER = $19.30 or 47% savings

Not my best trip, especially with the cereal I chose for the GM deal, but they were all things that we wanted! I live in reality, even when it’s not the prettiest, and this happened to be our reality for the moment! I could have made the numbers look better if I had gotten the Gerber yogurt for free with the coupon I had, but, again, I wanted to support another more coupon-friendly store with that coupon instead of this one. If I hadn’t needed the milk and promised the chips and peanuts to my husband already, I would have done the same thing with those.

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