Publix Trip #2

Going with the new sale, I went to Publix again today. I had to decide if it was better to go today and use the coupons that I had that were expiring today, or wait till Monday and use the new coupons that I know will be in the Sunday paper to match with this ad. I chose today, got stuff for my friend Rebecca (using her coupons that will expire today) and she’s going on Monday and will probably get the things for me that I need Sunday’s coupons for! Isn’t sharing fun?!

The picture shows everything I got, but not everything is mine, so I’m going to put *s next to Rebecca’s things instead of taking everything back out of the fridge/cabinets and taking another picture!

Here’s what I got:

Lays potato chips BOGO $3.99 (x4)
– $1/1 Publix coupon (x4)
*Lays potato chips BOGO $3.99
– $1/1 Publix coupon
– $.55/1 coupon (I totally forgot about those!)
Celery $.99
Bananas $2.91
Parsley $.79
Kale greens $2
– $1/1 coupon
Red potatoes $2.99
– $.60/1 potatoes wyb Breakstone sour cream coupon
Breakstone sour cream BOGO $2.25
*Resolve spray $2.99 (x2)
– $.50/1 peelie (x2)
– $2/2 Publix coupon
Resolve spray $2.99
– $1.50/1
Resolve in-wash $6.49
– $1.50/1 coupon
– $2/2 Publix coupon
– FREE mail-in rebate
Wesson Oil BOGO $4.39 (x4)
– $.40/1 (x4, doubled)
Poise $3.19 (x6)
– $3/1 Publix coupon in booklet (x6)
– $2/1 coupon (x2, which I got by emailing the company!)
Dole Pineapple BOGO $1.61 (x8)
– $.50/2 (x4, doubled)
Triscuit BOGO $3.19
– $1/1 Publix coupon (home mailer)
*Dawn dish detergent $1.49 (x4)
– $.25/1 coupon (x4, doubled)
– $.55/1 Publix coupon (x4)
Kraft Touch of Philly cheese $1.67 (x5)
– $1/1 blinkie (x5)
*Kraft shredded cheese $1.67 (x2)
– $1/2 coupon
Oscar Meyer Bacon BOGO $6.99
– $1/1 Publix coupon (home mailer)
*Odwalla superfood drink $2 (for my friend Jennifer) (x2)
– $1/2 Publix coupon
– $.35/1 coupon (doubled)
Swiffer Dust and Shine $3.79 (x6)
– $1/1 Publix coupon (x6)
– BOGO coupon (x3)
– $1/1 coupon (x2, I can do this by the way, because the BOGO coupon attaches to only the free item, not the one I have to buy in order to get the free item, so I could have used three, but only had two)
*Swiffer Dust and Shine $3.79 (x2)
– BOGO coupon
– $1/1 Publix coupon (x2)
Publix bags $.99 (x3)
– FREE bag wyb two P&G products coupon (x3)
*Publix bags $.99 (x3)
– FREE bag wyb two P&G products coupon (x3)
Gerber Yogurt $2.99 (x3)
– $3/1 coupon (x3)
Colgate toothpaste (RAINCHECK) $1 (x2)
– $.50/1 peelie (x2)
*Dixie 5 lb bag sugar $2.99
– $.50/1 coupon

– $5/$25 Earth Fare coupon
– $3/$6 produce Food Lion coupon

Total before coupons/sales = $201.68
TOTAL AFTER COUPONS/SALES = $30.18 or 85% savings!

I also used the raincheck I got for a $50 gas gift card for only $40, but that is a different category in my budget, so I’m not including that in my total.

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