My CVS trip this week

Well, I got some bad news today in that my husband’s new medication is not covered by insurance, so I’ll be calling the doctor in the morning and trying to change some things. Either way, I’ll be making yet another trip to the pharmacy sometime this week. I did do my couponing, so the trip was not wasted! Here’s what I got:

Charmin 12 ct $5.49 (x3)
– $1/1 coupon from mailer
– $.25/1 coupon (x2)
Bounty 8 ct $5.99 (x3)
– $10 ECB wyb $30 worth of above
Crest Pro Health mouthwash $3.49 (x2)
– $1/1 coupon (x2)
– $2.50 ECB (x2)
Oral B Advanced toothbrush $2.99 (x2)
– BOGO coupon
– $2/1 coupon
– $1.98 ECB
Gum floss pics $2 (x2)
– $2 ECB (x2)

– $5/$25 purchase coupon
– $10.50 ECB for last quarter’s purchases (FREE MONEY!)

Total before coupons/sales = $76.58
TOTAL AFTER COUPONS/SALES = $6.43 or 92% savings!

I think I may have to store some of those paper products under my bed, but that is an AMAZING deal that I couldn’t pass up! Did anyone else get some of the great deals at CVS this week?

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