Creative Gardening

NOTE: The following post is purely satirical, and a way to invite others to laugh at myself.

In the present economy, many are considering tackling more and more on the home front. The higher cost of production of many goods and services that we had become so used to outsourcing makes the bringing back home of these items necessary for survival. Homemade is back in style, and it’s taking many forms. From canning to couponing and much more, we’re finding more and more ways to save our money by doing things ourselves.

One way to save money is to create your own vegetable garden. I have tried this for a couple of years now, and I have reached one very important conclusion: it’s hard! I think it will take years and a lot of back-breaking work to will this Georgia soil of mine into producing fruit (or vegetable) bearing plants.

I began to research. The more I researched, the more I read about people, like me, who would like to have a successful garden, but don’t have the optimal space, lighting, etc to accomplish it. I happen to have a yard, but am having trouble finding a spot with a combination of good soil and good lighting. I was so frustrated. Finally, I went outside and just started looking around for untapped spaces that I had missed as possibilities. Finally, I saw the solution to my problem: my gutters.

The gutters are a perfect place for a garden! It may sound silly, but think about it! It gets plenty of sunlight, you can put in whatever soil you like for optimal growth, it gets plenty of water, it’s unused space, and it’s out of the way of kids and animals. It’s perfect! Plus all I have to do is point the hose at anywhere on the roof, and the water will filter down to the plants!

Luckily, in the craziness of life, we haven’t cleaned out our gutters in quite a while, so we had already accumulated quite a collection of nutrient-rich debris. Mother Nature even took it upon herself to show me how easily a gutter garden could be started. Check out this picture of my lovely starter plants!

Now, the only problem I have is how to get on the roof to plant actual vegetable plants in the gutters without my falling off…

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