Getting things for free…

I went through my bathroom closet last night, which is where I keep all of the extra free stuff that I find every week, because it was literally overflowing. I decided that I am going to gather up all of this, to show everyone what I have been able to get for free, or profit, this year.

A little FYI, I started this stash in January of this year, these are all items that I have gotten for free or profit, and this isn’t everything. These are the things that I haven’t given away yet (yet being they key word,) used personally, or put in my own private stash. These also don’t include any food items, which I also frequently get for free.

I also want to talk a little bit about the whole idea of getting stuff for free. It’s truly addicting! Literally, I could get a lot more than I do, but I don’t find it prudent to do so. I’m constantly reevaluating so that I don’t get caught up in the thrill of a deal. I set a couple of base rules for myself, with the help of my husband.

1) Don’t get anything that I/we wouldn’t use. I have a small stockpile of items that I KNOW we use. I try not to let it get too crazy, not buying more than is peaceful to stock, no matter how good the deal is. This is something that everyone has to evaluate personally. I have seen pictures of entire rooms dedicated to stocking up on great deals. This is neither something that we can do, nor something that would be peaceful for us to do.

2) Don’t get anything that I/we wouldn’t use, unless I know someone specifically who could use it. I have gotten quite a few things for my mother or my brother, etc that I know they could use. I also started collecting a large stash of these free things (lotions, bodywash, make-up, toothpaste, air freshener systems, etc) to give away to my family. I got the idea from someone who posted at Christmas that they make boxes of this stuff to give to family members as Christmas gifts. My Mom and my aunts all thought this was a WONDERFUL idea, so I’ve been collecting for that, but I am going to have to do it twice a year I think, because there’s just so much! I also have been getting health related items, like the glucose monitor money-makers at Walgreens this week, to donate. I have heard of many people who do this as a ministry, recruiting others to do the same, and giving the items to shelters, or needy members of their church. I love that concept and would really like to get something like that going here someday, but God hasn’t told me it’s time yet.

3) Don’t get anything that I/we wouldn’t use, unless I know someone specifically who could use it, or unless I can make money off of it. My husband, who HATES (not a strong enough word) any kind of clutter, actually was the one who suggested this, which floored me! He said that I could just throw it away after I made money off of it, but I consider that highly wasteful, and not in keeping with what God would want. (I think he was just kidding by the way… mostly…) I will find somewhere to donate it to, even if it’s just Goodwill.

Honestly, I try to look at all of this couponing stuff as a means that God has given me to bless not just my family and our budget, but others as well. I’m still praying about how he wants me to use all of this, including this blog, but right now, this is what I do with it.

ps. The picture will have to come later. I have a VERY unhappy baby.

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